22 Dec 2010

Door 22 of my online Adventskalender

How does it come swedish people have the best style? When you go to a worldwide streetstyle blog the best dressed are always the swedish I think.
Cool blog which shows a lot of swedish street style is styleclicker.
Visit and you'll find some awesome styles!
The little man on the picture is a tomte by the way! It's some kind of goblin that lives in the swedish woods and helps the people. It looks cute…

21 Dec 2010

Door 21 of my online Adventskalender

© Georges Biard

Yes I know I forgot to write some of the last posts! But now I'll report again about those new cool things that happen in fashion. (new and cool, hahahaha) Well I was just reading an interview of Karl Lagerfeld by some magazine (called welt online so for the people who can read german and understand it they will find the original interview here) and I still think he is very strange. Though being strange is good in my opinion!
He says he isn't able to do anything. He doesn't even have his own house keys!
Once my dad also told me that Lagerfeld sold a house and then after moving into the house the buyer noticed the house had no kitchen! (Who doesn't notice a house has no kitchen when he buys it?!)
The fact was Lagerfeld didn't need a kitchen because he doesn't cook (probably he just goes out to eat in a restaurant everyday and night. At least I don't think he orders chinese…).
That's what my dad told me once so I don't know for sure if it's true but I really imagine Lagerfeld doesn't need a kitchen. A man who doesn't keep his own keys…
Anyway I think he's a real strange person for being 70 years old! I mean look at your grandma or your grandpa. Are they still working? Are they wearing suits by Dior in size 48/46? Maybe it's that his job is to do something creative. Not working as a teacher or a lawyer or a doctor or a mechanic or something else boring.
I hope I'm not insulting any people but I don't think this as interesting as being an artist. A Designer. A photographer. A musician. A writer. A Journalist.
Karl Lagerfeld seems interesting to me and I 'm sure when I got more time like in the holidays which start practically tomorrow because tomorrow's last day of fucking school (Don't get me wrong but you know what I mean…) I'll write more about him. But now I'm really tired and I have to get up early tomorrow thanks to fucking school.

17 Dec 2010

Door 17 of my online Adventskalender

Going to a concert tonight! The Fake Makers!!! Well I actually don't know them but a friend of mine does… So I'm going to try to take some pictures. This post hasn't a lot of sense but I have to post something everyday! I just can tell you this week has been aweful. We wrote some terrible tests. I was sick… Now it has to be better. For god's sake it's christmas!!

15 Dec 2010

Door 16 of my online Adventskalender

I don't feel so well today (staying again at home = still sick) and I'm crying cause I lost some files on my mac!! So please understand I can't write a lot because I want to kill my computer!! I'm posting some inspiration photos by Bill Georgoussis. I think his pictures are so inspiring! Especially the last. This one little dino-toy next to the girl… it's simply amazing.
I'm a spy and I don't want people to notice me so I wear black only

Swimming and doing acrobatics in a see of stones

"Dino you have stayed with me. All those years I have not been playing with you. They are all over. Now it's just you and me and the game we are playing."

Door 15 of my online Adventskalender

What a day… I pissed off (question: Do you say it like that I just thought it sounds good but I have no idea if you can say that) my test and I don't want to go to that fashion drawing lesson I have today. Last time we had to use this copic markers and it looked terrible! Like some 3 years old kid's picture! I'm love just using a simple pencil. So what am I going to do now?! I feel better than yesterday but I'm still sick (especially sick of school and my life!)
But there are also good news like I have 3 more followers! That's great! Oh and something more's great! I see my Teen Vogue has arrived!!! And the first question comes up… Why the hell does Louis Vuitton advertise with a beach look?!

Almost everywhere, where fashion's important, is winter! I never understood why everyone just loves their classic Louis Vuitton printed bags… turns out I don't get the label at all! Althought Marc Jacobs is the chief designer… I think I'm just going to read the Magazine and relax… or no I forgot I'll have to clean up my room!
Okay so first I'm going to clean up my room (listen to some music while doing freaky dancing) then read Teen Vogue and then write an article for our school magazine and then work on my new film project I can't publish because it's all about our school (not exactly but anyway…) and my school mates are everywhere on the screen so I'd first have to ask them and that's the last thing I wanna do…
So the list with the things I'll do now:
1. Clean up my room (didn't do it in weeks so the time has come!)
2. Read Teen Vogue
3. Write the article for school magazine
4. Work on that cool project I'll never be able to publish

I still have no idea what to give to my family on christmas! And only 9 more days!! OMG

14 Dec 2010

Door 14 of my online Adventskalender

I'm sick again. Yesterday I couldn't stop stop sneezing while I was writing yesterday's post. So today I'm staying home thought tomorrow's a test I have to write and my stuff is at school so I can't learn. Drinking tea and eating sweets in bed… I said I wish teh olympus camera. now I'm goung o tell you why. I was reading fashiontoast (I love the jewelry she always wears so take a look if you never have) this weeekend and I thought the camera she was holding in her hands was some old vintage thing. WWWRRROOONNNNGGG! It's an Olympus with this cute vintage looking, brown case.
Till I had found out that, it took me a little while. I already had thought of buying a new camera before because mine is so stupidly old. I got it for my first communion. The first 5 pictures I made with it still are on the camera. Now I want a SLR camera actually but I didn't know which to take so my dad told me (cause I wanted a camera that could also film in HD and make really good photos) about the Lumix GH-2. It's a wonderful camera with one little problem. It costs 1,500€!! Yeah I know other cameras are much more expensive then that but I can't afford a camera like that and I wouldn't get that camera for christmas.
So now I'm going to tell my father (there's a difference between dad and father. Father is my actual father and dad is my stepfather.) what I wish for christmas. MY OLYMPUS!

What a shame this brown leather case costs 80 € and the shoulder strap is 70 €!
With brown leather a silver camera would look so genius. I'm definitely taking it in silver cause it doesn't get so hot like black when the sun is shining. And believe it or not there've been days the sun was shining here in London the second also called Munich. But I definitely need something that doesn't get too hot. Most of the holidays I spend in warm locations with a lot of sun (like visiting every year my family in Spain or going scuba diving somewhere else). Only when I go skiing it's cold, logic isn't it?

*drinking tea*drinking tea*drinking tea*

Only ten days left. Sh*t I still have no presents! And I still haven't told my father what I want! Oh god I'm late with that again. It has to change next year! I think I'm having a deja-vu right now. I think have already said that once before. Like a year ago or something.

Haha *drinking tea* ha *drinking again* hahahahaha

12 Dec 2010

Door 13 of my online Adventskalender

Don't you have the same feeling when it's christmas or your birthday? The feeling you don't have any idea what you actually want? Ihave it. Every single year. So it's tradition I tell week before christmas what I want. This year I wish myself a camera! An Olympus.
Right now I don't feel so well so I'm going to post more about the camera tomorrow. I'm sneezing and I can't stop!

Door 12 of my online Adventskalender

I finally saw the Lanvin for H&M collection yesterday! I don't like that it's so expensive but what do you expect… It's LANVIN! In the store I went almost every dress was still there ( at least it seemed so cause there were a lot of dresses…). I don't think people here like the collection. I even heard a woman say those dresses were the ugliest thing she had ever seen.
Lucky me.
If noone buys those dresses hopefully they are going to put them on sale! And maybe it won't cost 200€ anymore but rather 100€. Or if I'm the most luckiest person in the world: less.
Please god let every body hate the collection and not buy it! PLEASE!!
I want to buy myself this next dress. You probably feel like a princess in this dress. Net week I'll have to go again to H&M and try it on. Yesterday I couldn't… I had to disappear before friend could ask me to stay and start an embarrassing conversation because she thinks I don't really like her… complicated life I know.
One of the most beautiful dresses of the collection

In real life this dress actually doesn't look that good

This dress is live much brighter than in the pictures you have to know

This coat not only looks in the picture fantastic


All I want for christmas is that god lets H&M put this dresses on sale! Okay that's not all… I finally know what I want! More on the next post now I have to go ice skating!
Only 12 more days…

We wish you a merry christmas, we wish you a merry christmas, we wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!
Good tidings we bring to you and your kin.
We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!

11 Dec 2010

Door 11 of my online Adventskalender

Good morning! What a wonderful day the saturday is! Listening to classik music like "Oh sole mio" and looking for pictures of Fleur Delacour's wedding dress. Yesterday I watched the movie and I totally loved it, the dress. The movie was good but like always the book is better. But this time the movie was really similar to the book which is good bcause I hate when in the end it's a totally different story. They didn't forget too much and they didn't bring much new stuff in. It's good they are making two parts. But I already want to see the next one!!
Back to the dress:

Isn't it beautiful? It is the fashion high point of the movie I think. The rest of the clothes are more casual (they have to sleep in a tent in winter so it's obviously they won't wear couture). Also the dress Hermione is wearing at the wedding isn't that especial.
It is pretty. It is simple and beautiful. I like it. But it isn't like the wedding dress. With the feathers and everyting. So beautiful that I had to look it up again in the internet. And what do I read? The costume designer Jany Temime has been accused to have stolen Alexander McQueens's dress!
But they really look similiar don't they?
The birds on McQueen's dress are peacocks. The ones on Fleur's dress are Phoenixes. I like that Fleur's dress hasn't that many feathers on the back but it's obviously a copy! The front with the birds is too similar.

But go see the movie the dress is worth a look!

10 Dec 2010

Door 10 of my online Adventskalender

John Lennon is being a great inspiration right now. Especially his smile and laughting (of course his music too but his music is always inspiraton) I have this movie of the Beatles "Hard Day's Night" which is so great! I absolutelly love it. The Beatles have to get to a filmstudio and you see the over crowded station where they get their car to get to the studio. Those screaming girls are incredible! It's like at the Avril Lavigne concert I went two years ago… the girls who looked like Avril ( exactly like her! If they would have gone backstage the security would have let them pass just like that.)
My first concert…
i wish it would have been a Beatles concert. I think I would have screamed like all the other girls in the film. After seeing it for the very first time I had crush on John Lennon (which I still have a bit. Think about it… on someone dead… someone who'd have had his 70th birthday this year. CRANC! I listened to this songs and of course I couldn't hold the tears back while listening to McCartny's tribute "Here Today".

Also very good George Harrison's tribute

Have a nice day only 14 days more…

9 Dec 2010

Door 9 of my online Adventskalender

No big post today but tomorrow I promise! I just wandet to say what I have given to my friend as a birthday present. I made another blog. For her and for me. We're going to write it together and I still have no idea where I'll find the time to write for another blog! She doesn't know about this one (nobody knows! Ha! They haven't find out and they won't!!). But my new blog is in german and I love it to write in english so don't worry this blog isn't going to suffer!

8 Dec 2010

Door 8 of my online Adventskalender

While looking for ma mum's car (Yes I am the one who has to search for her car when she forgot where she left it) I loved how the light made that house shine. There's a new store next to my street! But it seems to be quite expensive. The grey coat in the window costs about 300 €.

The next pictures are from last month when I went on a seminar for being this year's Tutor for the little "freshmen" on our school. A really big responsibility!

( laugh, laugh ( they are ten years old and annoying ( but some of them have really talent there's one girl who can danced like Shakira (and she's only ten!) and another who sang Mercy like Duffy!)!! ))

It was fun because we had a four-bed room in another building of the hotel. So the teachers didn't come to see what we were doing. After drinking a little bit of alc in the shadows of the little chapel on the mountain some friends came to our room and we hang out in one of the beds. It was freezing up there and we totally forgot to heat. Berni definitely drank too much… he smelled like a dosser and slept the whole evening through.

16 days… today's one of my best friends birthday! I'll write tomorrow about what my present is. And I have to finally write my wish list for christmas!! And I still hava no idea!!! What am I going to do????

7 Dec 2010

Door 7 of my online Adventskalender

When I saw this guy in the subway I had to take a picture of him. Look at these awesome boots! Sure they aren't that special but since when do men wear that kind of stuff? Most men I know wouldn't wear them…
The boots have this horseback riding style I absolutely love! I'd love living in the 17th, 18th or 19th century. But actually as a man, not as a woman. The women had this beautiful dresses but they were so uncomfortable. And women couldn't do or say anything. But men were fighting with swords in battles. Riding their horses and beinh
free to explore the world. And they had cool clothing. BOOTS!! And Jodhpurs and cool hads (like the Mad Hatter's!!).
Down there in the subway are really interesting people with really interesting style. What a pity I'm either half asleep or so hungry I want to get home fast when I'm in the subway…
Got a new style blog idea: the subwaystyle

ONLY 17 days left before christmas!!!
Still guessing what to wish… any ideas?! I always want stuff but there's One exeption at christmas and on my birthday I can't figure out what I want!!

6 Dec 2010

Door 6 of my online Adventskalender

In Regensburg I saw a shop called "The milliner" I had to get closer to. And see what I found in the shop window… another picture of my favourite movie character! And more!

His beautiful and crazy had!! I had to take a picture but I didn't want to go into the shop and ask whether you could buy it (there were a lot of old grandmas with their husbands looking for hads). What a pity… Now I'd really like to know whether I could have put this had on my wish list for christmas! That had's so beautiful…

But I also saw other shops (nothing compering to "The Milliner")

Like this shop where I thought it'd have just toys but which turned out to have this wonderful bracelets! I've seen this before in Spain last summer. My cousin and her friends had tehm all. They were totally in. I just hadn't enough time to go to that shop and buy some and in Munich they didn't have the shop which sold them. But I found them in the most boring town of Germany ( almost the most I saw worse in Hessen)!

It looks a little bit childish I know. You can choose whether you wand animals cars, music, dinos, water animals. I bought the music and the water animals. You wear them just like me in the picture and it gives your outfit a funkie touch…

I also bought a yellow lightstick and two green lightbracelets. (I can't find these things in Munich, too!)

Ahh and there are only 18 more days left until the big day!! Already listening to christmas carols? I am…

4 Dec 2010

Door 5 of my online Adventskalender

Yesterday spending the beautiful( hahaha yes very beautiful, I almost got frozen to death) day in Regensburg.

First: I hate Regensburg.

Second: While freezing in Regensburg in Munich the sun was shining!

The shops were filled with people buying christmas presents. Especially the big stores were crowded. So I spend most of the time walking thought the little, old streets with the small stores. I barely bought something. Regensburg has a lot of art galleries. And some nice stores but nothing more so after 3 hours I got bored and went back home to my grandma's place. Regensburg really get's bored after a while, especially when you already know half the town since you're a little kid!

So in fact the day wasn't that good but I hope today get's better. I'm gonna meet up with a friend and go ice skating… One little problem… I don't know how to skate! And I have to mention that Welts Art is on twitter now so don't forget to follow!

Only 19 more days and it's… CHRISTMAS!!

If you forgot just go outside and watch the kids and parents who gone crazy because they still don't know what they wish for christmas or they still haven't bought what their kids wish… the world's a funny and ironic place.

Door 4 of my Adventskalender

Hey guys another beautiful day. What am I going to do? What will be today? I just know I'll spend the day in a little boring town. But any way I think I should keep dressing more like I did in summer when i had nothing better to do than standing in front of my closet and throwing an individual outfit together. I also think more people should start dressing themselves more like the japanese. Most of them have a great personal style. The pyjamas are my favorite pieces! does anyone know a good japanese streetstyle website?!

Only 20 days more till christmas… !!!

3 Dec 2010

Door 3 of my online Adventskalender

I usually don't really read the newspaper. Sometimes yes but not often. But after reading yesterday's and today's newspaper online I think I missed a lot. I didn't know anything about wikileaks until reading the name and then asking my dad about it. First I couldn't find the website but now I saw it and I'm… shocked. Stupid like I am I had to watch the video with the title "Collateral Murder". It's like being in a american action movie about the army. I heard about the war, the things that happen. But I never saw it. I never saw it like I did now. Go to wikileaks if you think you want to see how men are killed. How the killers laugh while shooting at the people.
I'm sorry about posting this. This blog actually should be about the things that go on in this world but then I changed it into an ordinary fashion blog. Now it'll become both. Probably the next posts won't be about fashion. They'll be about the things that are happening. Good or bad.
This is the address where you can find wikileaks

Only 21 more days until christmas…

2 Dec 2010

Door 2 of my online Adventskalender

Only 22 more days until christmas! Hope the snow we'll last and there be another white christmas. That would be so wonderful. Right now I'm sitting in bed watching The social network and thinking about my blog. Unfortunately I'm sick. So I had to skip school and stay home. Damn I missed history class. The only interesting class today.
But sitting in class sneezing all the time and not being able to follow what the teacher says isn't the best way to spend time sick.
I got a question to all the readers all over the world. In which countries does a Adventskalender exist? I know it doesn't in Spain. But what about France, Italy, GB, US… please leave a comment and tell me!
In my Adventskalender was a chocolate with coffee! Does my Advetskalender wants me to puke?!
God next year I really need one more for kidies. They usually taste better than what I have!!

1 Dec 2010

Door 1 of my online Adventskalender

Ahhhhh it's december! And it's winter! I'm so happy that it's snowing, seems it's been years since we had snow on the first of december. I'm sorry I didn't post anything in the last days. But I've been so busy revising stuff for school! Lucky me the year's almost over and the most difficult tests are already part of my personal history book.

In Germany we have a thing called "Adventskalender". It's a special calender we use before christmas. It has 24 doors each for one day in december. It's a german tradition. Every kid (and a lot of adults too) has one. In every door you open you find a present. There are calenders with chocolate , sweets, toys… I prefer those with chocolate!
Now you probably ask yourself why did I tell you this. What about an "Online Adventskalender"? On my blog?
Well I think I should post more often so I'm going to post every day from now and make it an "online Adventskalender"!
Hope you enjoy reading the next 23 posts and by the way: IT'S SNOWING!!