1 Dec 2010

Door 1 of my online Adventskalender

Ahhhhh it's december! And it's winter! I'm so happy that it's snowing, seems it's been years since we had snow on the first of december. I'm sorry I didn't post anything in the last days. But I've been so busy revising stuff for school! Lucky me the year's almost over and the most difficult tests are already part of my personal history book.

In Germany we have a thing called "Adventskalender". It's a special calender we use before christmas. It has 24 doors each for one day in december. It's a german tradition. Every kid (and a lot of adults too) has one. In every door you open you find a present. There are calenders with chocolate , sweets, toys… I prefer those with chocolate!
Now you probably ask yourself why did I tell you this. What about an "Online Adventskalender"? On my blog?
Well I think I should post more often so I'm going to post every day from now and make it an "online Adventskalender"!
Hope you enjoy reading the next 23 posts and by the way: IT'S SNOWING!!

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  1. Didn't know that this just exists in Germany (and Switzerland and Austria of course).
    my little sister's got a Hello Kitty Adventskalender, I'm so jealous!


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