19 May 2011

dunno what topic to choose??

I know I should be in bed by now but I just can't go to sleep without writing something… And I do NOT want to write that report I have to write for school or even worse do homework… And for the being in bed I'm lying on my bed, I'm just not in the sleeping phase of "being in bed", not yet.  
Blogger kind of sucks right now cause it takes decades to upload soem pictures here and it's not our rooters fault, I've already checked on that. 
I kind of wanted to do an outfit post today but than I already had changed my clothes and I'm a real lazy person so that's why you won't see more of me than my hand/fingers here. 
I never used to use (creepy sentence "used to use"??!?) nails polish. But right now I'm really into it. I Just think that if you have like really short fingernails you shouldn' pu on a polish. It just looks like shit. But I also don't like poeple who have nails that look like pocket knives.
When I was little I hated to cut my fingernails so often they were long and my old piano teacher always told me to cut them cause you need short nails to play the piano (blablabla I hated it!!!). A friend gave me this really cool polish which is called graffity polish or soemthing I dunno… anyways it's really cool you put it on and then it shrinks or something!

I put on a polish underneath the shrinking polish. I bought that lousy polish a year ago because everybody was going crazy about that color that looked like mud. Yeahh mud actually pretty stupid if you think about it. I went to the shop but they had like thousands of colors like that and so I just picked out one of which I thought it could look like mud… After putting it on I realized that I just had spend almost 6 € on something I never ever wanted to use again. The problem was everybody else had a color which was more like brown and actually pretty nice. But I had bought this stupid color which actually looked like this dirty mud you see on building lots. It makes my skin look sick! 
But it's a waste not to use it so I'm kind of obligated by myself to wear it. Thank god I found a way to wear it that doesn't make me sick.
With the graffiti polish it looks kinda cool…


15 May 2011

mixed like a cocktail

(Yigal Azrouel spring 2011 style.com

Is there any difference between women's clothes and men's clothes? There used to be a difference a hundred years ago… still 50 years ago you could notice the difference. But when you look at some fashion shows today you can see that if you'd change the male models for female ones everyone would juts say it's womenswear. Kind of creepy… because when I was younger I wanted to be a boy, not a girl. I named all my stuffed animals with male names and I loved to fight against my little brother. I also loved the male heroes in all those Disney movies. I always wanted to be Peter Pan!
The women always looked so defenseless without a man and the men women were just fighting all day, having fun. You see why I wanted to be a boy not a stupid, boring girl, don't you??
Not that I wouldn't have admired any of the women in the movies. I was a big fan of Cinderella and Pocahontas and Mulan and Sissi! I was a huge fan of Sissi! I loved her clothes and I loved her "boyfriend" actually not boyfriend but the prince she was in love with. Pretty girly but I was obsessed with it. I kinda told my friend who never saw it all about the series in lower school. She just told me this week how boring it was to listen to me.
I still kinda want to be a boy sometimes. Boys have it so much easier than girls. We have a teacher who gave us girls more homwork just because she saw something in the tv a bout boys being neglected at school. Apparently boys are being neglected because girls weren't good in science and maths so they got all the teachers attention and now the poor boys need more attention so they can get better.
So lately I've been thinking about how to be like one of those male fantasy heroes. I also found a way!
I admit my first try isn't like really whooming but it was really early in the morning when I got dressed so I just picked out what I was thinking about in relation with a hero.

(Chocolate easter bunny bell as bracelet!!)

Can you see who I am trying to be? It's PETER PAN! Green because he always wears green and the tie because he doesn't want to grow up. Neither do I but in the end I have a feeling. A feeling that tells me one day it might happen and not just like one day I'm a kid/ teenager whatever and the next I'm an adult. It will happen slowly and probably it already is happening. Wearing two things at the same time. Like a skirt and jeans. Something that doesn't go together but that's exactly what it's about. You don't leave Peter Pan behind you in one day you mix him with some other stuff until… (I wrote … because I don't really know what happens next).

2 May 2011

1 May 2011

denim like johnny

I wish it would be friday again. Not just because of the wedding, which I saw at my friends, also because of what it means that today is sunday! My friend is a huge fan of the wedding and had invited a couple of people over to brunch and watch the wedding.She had decorated so sweet with British flags and hearts and everything. It was a little bit like too much but in some way it's just fun when it's too much, right?
 But today is sunday. Sunday… Why exactly is it called sunday?? There is nothing sunny about a day which ends the weekend or in this case the holidays. The funny part of my life! Thought school wasn't that bad until now. The problem's just I can't talk french!!!! An what am I supposed to do thursday about 2 o'clock p.m. (the hour of my death or the death of my grade in french)? Remain in silence. I bet I'll start talking english not french because I'll be so nervous.

Hopefully not!

Since I can think of it the last day of the holidays has been sad. Lying in bed, looking out of the window and listening at some old music. Today it's the Beatles. And Bob Dylan. But mostly the Beatles. 
In the morning I first dress like really comfi (hoody, random pants) but then I wanted to clean up my room and while listening to the Beatles I just got into the mood of doing an outfit post. 
I wanted to dress like John Lennon. I just bought this typiclly glasses thought there not as round as his and a denim shirt.  
I don't know if it's really like Joh Lennon… It's more a mix between John Lennon, hippy (what he actually was so let's add that to the John part of the mix) and denim. Like a lot of denim. Actually only denim. But John Lennon wore a lot of denim I think at least that's what you see in the pictures. And he was British which kind of completes my British weekend. 


I have four ties and three of them my uncle gave me. They are like really old I think… This one's my favorite it has such great color. 
I put four denim things on. The overall, the west, the shirt and a jacket which I actually didn't put on I  only hold it in my hand.