15 May 2011

mixed like a cocktail

(Yigal Azrouel spring 2011 style.com

Is there any difference between women's clothes and men's clothes? There used to be a difference a hundred years ago… still 50 years ago you could notice the difference. But when you look at some fashion shows today you can see that if you'd change the male models for female ones everyone would juts say it's womenswear. Kind of creepy… because when I was younger I wanted to be a boy, not a girl. I named all my stuffed animals with male names and I loved to fight against my little brother. I also loved the male heroes in all those Disney movies. I always wanted to be Peter Pan!
The women always looked so defenseless without a man and the men women were just fighting all day, having fun. You see why I wanted to be a boy not a stupid, boring girl, don't you??
Not that I wouldn't have admired any of the women in the movies. I was a big fan of Cinderella and Pocahontas and Mulan and Sissi! I was a huge fan of Sissi! I loved her clothes and I loved her "boyfriend" actually not boyfriend but the prince she was in love with. Pretty girly but I was obsessed with it. I kinda told my friend who never saw it all about the series in lower school. She just told me this week how boring it was to listen to me.
I still kinda want to be a boy sometimes. Boys have it so much easier than girls. We have a teacher who gave us girls more homwork just because she saw something in the tv a bout boys being neglected at school. Apparently boys are being neglected because girls weren't good in science and maths so they got all the teachers attention and now the poor boys need more attention so they can get better.
So lately I've been thinking about how to be like one of those male fantasy heroes. I also found a way!
I admit my first try isn't like really whooming but it was really early in the morning when I got dressed so I just picked out what I was thinking about in relation with a hero.

(Chocolate easter bunny bell as bracelet!!)

Can you see who I am trying to be? It's PETER PAN! Green because he always wears green and the tie because he doesn't want to grow up. Neither do I but in the end I have a feeling. A feeling that tells me one day it might happen and not just like one day I'm a kid/ teenager whatever and the next I'm an adult. It will happen slowly and probably it already is happening. Wearing two things at the same time. Like a skirt and jeans. Something that doesn't go together but that's exactly what it's about. You don't leave Peter Pan behind you in one day you mix him with some other stuff until… (I wrote … because I don't really know what happens next).


  1. Anonymous15.5.11

    I don't think there's any difference between women and men 's shows... maybe in the third millennium there will be no men or women, just human... :)))


  2. jap das ist die h&m herbst/winter kollektion... einige teile kommen aber schon in den nächsten wochen raus :)

  3. cute!!!

    xoxo from rome

  4. Incredible post, we will make no difference between the clothes of a man and a woman!!! I love that runway I have never seen! I like so much your experiment haha Peter Pan! thank you for your comment I follow you. Kisses

  5. aww!! ur so adorable!! i love peter pan and his green

  6. was für eine süße idee. toller post!

  7. Nice, what you wear ;) xx

  8. Funny, I never noticed before but that is true :)
    I love the style, very Femenine/masculine Who knows?
    And a big yes! YES! I live in the south hemisphere, is great that you noticed that because lots of girls don't know how different our world is and they only think that the north hemisphere is THE normal life ;)

    See you and have a grrrrrreat tuesday :)

  9. your tie is so cute! love the way it looks with the green shirt! =)


  10. Hehe, I love the tie and green shirt. I also went around with one of those chocolate ribbons on my wrist for AGES, it sort of got knotted there so I even showered with it. Ha! The bell got annoying in the end so I cut it off.

    Nice blog! :D

  11. Thank you so much for commenting on my blog :) You have an amazing blog! Following :) x

  12. I was a tomboy as well when i as little and i loooved Sissi! Romi Schneider was so beautiful in it!
    Your blog is really cute! Thanx for your comment!


  13. Thank you so much :D :D :D

  14. Anonymous17.5.11

    like your boyish style! and sophia bush is totally 0 haha
    following you girl! :)

  15. love your look! androgynous is one of my fav looks for sure. really makes an outfit more interesting. thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, perhaps we could follow eachother? im following you :) xox


  16. Anonymous18.5.11

    hahah this is so awesome. =]


  17. cute outfit!! love your little tie <3

  18. Super blog, very cool approach to the subject. Love

    Just come and see my



  19. I think some women's clothing is becoming very androgenous, but definitely not all!
    Hehe peter pan, so cute :)

  20. haha thanks! + fab peter pan outfit! <3

  21. well clearly dont follow unless you actually like my blog lmao.

  22. Anonymous18.5.11

    peter pan is one of my favorites plays!!

  23. Love your green shirt with the tie! So cute!

  24. Haha! "Chocolate bunny bell as bracelet" Alleine wegen dem Satz würde ich deinen Blog schon verfolgen, aber er ist auch sonst toll!

  25. Love the shirt and the tie!


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