27 Feb 2011


A lot of people are on facebook. In my class everyone is on facebook except for one girl. We even have a group for our class (how weird is that discussting schoolstuff on facebook!?)! But that's not the weirdest thing.
You all know those people who are always online right? The people with the smartphones and the internet flat. They go online when they're taking the subway or the bus because in the subway your cell often doesn't work. But those are just the ones who are always online. That doesn't mean they really are online. Confusing?! Yes! I know 'cause I have an iPhone and when I got it I also got an internet flat so means when I was taking the train and my friends and I got bored and I just wanted too check something on facebook  I went online and checked out what I wanted to check out like some ridiculous picture of some really stupid kids with who I am friends with on facebook just because of I don't know why…? Then I close the app and do not log myself out because really if I would have to go online evrytime I want to check out something I wouldn't loose much time but I'm lazy so I stay online.
Now I put my phone back into my bag and totally forget about facebook 'till something reminds me of it again. 
But then there are the socialites on facebook, the real socialites. Those with the 500-900 friends. Facebook friends to be exact. (Is there actually a better name for these friends something short like ffs?) And you know what a guy I know actually said he knows all of his 480 and something facebook friends. How can you know so many people as friends?
 The girls who are in this facebook category usually have these great pictures where they absolutelly look stunning (btw often black and white so they look even better) kissing their bff on the chieks. Or those other pictures you can see all over facebook mostly on the profiles of 12-18 year olds with  girls dancing… And on these pictures these girls have also written lyrics from songs who are at that time to find in the mainstream session or not completed sentences like "having the best day…", "happiness", "dreams come true" or some cheap happy Valentin's day card quote.
 Really and this is my opinion but I think everyone who has invested a little bit of time in photography and art should know that a picture isn't a good picture if you have to write down what you want to say with that picture because that's what pictures are for.
 If a three year old kid and a teenager see the same picture of two girls laughing then they both know what this picture is about. Or let's take an italian girl and an american girl. They both speak only their mother tongue and could read a poem by Heinrich Heine ( a german poet and writer) and wouldn't understand a word. But if they both would look at a photo by Karl Lagerfeld they'd both know what it's about (unless they're blind but then we could try this experiment with music).
Actually facebook is full of ridiculous people who pretend to love to take pictures and photography but know exactly that much as a monkey. Cause give a monkey a camera and show it where to click and it'll take a picture. And if monkeys could write they'd do exactly what all those girls do on facebook. Writing  on their pictures with photoshop what the picture has to say.

Hello facebook monkeys

21 Feb 2011

will be again what once was?

I'm watching Sex and the City now and can you believe that series is so old? I mean the quality of the video is definitely not HD!
 Just kidding I know sometimes I come up with my nerdy thechny knowledge. Okay not really knowledge but you know what I am referring to. The stuff nerdy kids like me talk about and bore their friends with. But what is really fascinating is what the girls at SATC are wearing. That 90s stuff?! The man like jackets in beige… Lots of women had big hair with lots of curls. Now no one has such hair because it's out… You can trust me I know what I'm talking/writing about. I have a lot of hair and it took me time to figure out that combing my hair with a hairbrush is no sense. If you have a lot of hair and curls the best way to get your hair looking good is wash it and go to bed when it's still wet/damp.
by the time you wake up in the morning your hair is curly and beautiful. At least that's my hair when I give it that treatment. It's simple and one of my best ideas.
But forget about my hair or don't whatever you like best. 
Let's talk about that episode I just have seen. That SATC episode! Season 1 episode 2 to be exact so you can look it up. It's that episode about man just dating models. They (Carrie, Stanford and Samantha) are at a fashion show and Carrie wears that black dress. It's an ordinary black dress but the jewelry is what has cached my eye. That long necklace? It isn't  really a necklace it's more like a string made out of  metal or silver. Very long (I bet about a meter and something long)… 

The picture doesn't really show how long it is but it gives you an idea how it looks. For seeing the whole outfit watch the episode. I already have looked all over the internet for a better picture. No way to find one. That kind of jewelry I haven't seen on anybody for years. It's like it has disappeared. Being on vacation somewhere but not the planet earth.  Do you think that that stuff will come back? What people wore in the 90s? It didn't always look pretty! The 60s were so much better! In the 90s women didn't always wear a bra… at least that's how it is in the series! Or do you think that someday we will walk around in dresses and skirts like in 1861? Or 1743? With a corset? I don't know but I'm curious what the future will bring for fashion.
 I actually feel a little bit like Carrie right now. Writing on my computer something very similar to a column.  
I am soo pleased that my internship has finally started. I have been looking forward to this day since my application. The internship is at an architecture office. Today has been my first day and I feel so exhausted. The thing I'm most afeard of is to answer the phone. It's terrible! But I'll have to through it I guess. It's only 2 weeks and I won't be having any classes so what do I have to complain about?

Have a good day/night/evening or morning (in that case you have my sorry) wherever in the world you are right now.

14 Feb 2011

red could it be

It's been a while since my last post. I have been busy with doing my shortmovie. It's actually a school project that I'm doing with two girls (one my friend one not so my friend). I've posted this two pictures because I may dye my hair red! Crazy? I know! In the picture above the girl has almost orange hair. I think I'd like it a little bit more like Tavi's wearing it. But I still have no idea if it would suit me. I have really dark hair and really dark eyebrowns. If I'd dye my hair red I wouldn't dye my eyebrowns too, would I? I actually have no idea 'cause I haven't done it before. First of course I should have my hair chutted. A friend told me it starts to look like when I was 13 and belive me that's no compliment! So I'll call my hairdresser today or tomorrow. I still have to do so much but I should call him before next week. That's when my internship at an architecture office starts!

Credits: The Fifth Element
, Tavi Gevinson

3 Feb 2011

summer that freaking word

Sometimes I'm in the mood to draw something, to play the piano/ guitar or to write something. To day it was the writing that came over me so I leave it to you guys to read my probably not very good poem.

There is a wish inside of us that everything will be OK.
They believe that their minds will understand.
Maybe someday.
Think about all the minds are like sand.

Our thoughts lost as grain 
Running away from reality
All together in a bottle of sand
Living a life in normality

They want you because of her
they make you believe it was you
But it's true one can never be sure

I know I didn't finish it the way I should have! I just can't write anymore because I want to go to bed. So I can get some sleep for tomorrow (probably we'll have a test in french so wish me luck!) unlike the rest of the week when I have slept way to less!! 
While writing it I was listening to Little Dancer by Elton John. I'm just getting too obsessed with songs today! I've been singing Our last summer the whole day! 
I saw Mamma Mia again and since then I can't stop thinking about  that song. I don't know why maybe because of the word summer that is repeated all the time. 
Frankly I'm obsessed with the words summer, sun, sand, sea, hot and summer break (includes summer so of course I'm obsessed with that word too!). Anyway I added the song so you can listen to it if you don't already know it what would be like living in Germany without freezing in winter ( you can't avoid it whether you wear a lot of jumpers or not! Some day you wake up and just forget that it's winter and  you're late for school means you just put something on and don't really think about it. The result: You're  freezing the whole day through just because you didn't want to be late! There's only one reason why god has invented winter. Skiing!).

1 Feb 2011

Get up everyone it's february! Soon spring will arrive I'll be able to get out everyday and take wonderful pictures and see the world!