3 Feb 2011

summer that freaking word

Sometimes I'm in the mood to draw something, to play the piano/ guitar or to write something. To day it was the writing that came over me so I leave it to you guys to read my probably not very good poem.

There is a wish inside of us that everything will be OK.
They believe that their minds will understand.
Maybe someday.
Think about all the minds are like sand.

Our thoughts lost as grain 
Running away from reality
All together in a bottle of sand
Living a life in normality

They want you because of her
they make you believe it was you
But it's true one can never be sure

I know I didn't finish it the way I should have! I just can't write anymore because I want to go to bed. So I can get some sleep for tomorrow (probably we'll have a test in french so wish me luck!) unlike the rest of the week when I have slept way to less!! 
While writing it I was listening to Little Dancer by Elton John. I'm just getting too obsessed with songs today! I've been singing Our last summer the whole day! 
I saw Mamma Mia again and since then I can't stop thinking about  that song. I don't know why maybe because of the word summer that is repeated all the time. 
Frankly I'm obsessed with the words summer, sun, sand, sea, hot and summer break (includes summer so of course I'm obsessed with that word too!). Anyway I added the song so you can listen to it if you don't already know it what would be like living in Germany without freezing in winter ( you can't avoid it whether you wear a lot of jumpers or not! Some day you wake up and just forget that it's winter and  you're late for school means you just put something on and don't really think about it. The result: You're  freezing the whole day through just because you didn't want to be late! There's only one reason why god has invented winter. Skiing!).


  1. thanks for your comment , great songs! elton john is the bomb. heh x

  2. I love the inspirationb of the below post. Thanks for sharing the pictures and drop by me too when you have time.


  3. nice post, and good luck on that test!

    Check and follow me if you like (:

  4. Hello,
    I like Your blog, and I follow.

    Just come and see mine.


  5. these are my jams! thanks for your comment! :)


  6. Every time I listen to "Tiny Dancer," I think of the scene when it's playing in "Almost Famous" and am reminded that it is just the perfect movie with an amazing soundtrack.
    And keep writing! You're really great.

  7. Tiny Dancer is perfect for inspiration, and I loved reading your poem! You should never have doubts about your work. Poems are great for expressing how you feel, no matter what the outcome is like.

    Rosie x


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