16 Nov 2010

Eddie Borgo

Hinged Plate Ring
Metal Cone Ring

Eddie Borgo was named runner-up at CFDA/ Vogue Fashion Fund and is the creator of these fantastic rings.
They are part of his spring/ summer collection 2010 and sooo pretty! I love the Hinged Plate Ring it has such a cool design. Like some robot finger or alien finger! Absolutely my favourite of the collection. When you have this finger-long rings mostly you can't move your finger it's like a bandage. I don't feel comfortable with one of them but I think with this ring here I'd feel like a cool space robot!
I got the impression that Eddie Borgo uses a lot of spikes and triangles in his designs. His fall/ winter collection had a lot of glitter so it reminded me a bit too much of Thomas Sabo's stuff. But his spring collection is fantastic!!

13 Nov 2010

jewelry, unique stuff

I found an amazing side called etsy where you can buy unique, selfmade stuff. Take a look at this unique pocket watch necklace from steampunk doesn't it look awesome? Why has it to be $295 I'd love to buy myself this necklace! It looks so medieval like magic! Like the stuff Isaac Newton could have worn. Or Albus Dumbledore...
This necklace is also from etsy and absolutely adorable! Take a look here. It remembers me of the H2O the series. The three girls have these beautiful necklaces in the 4th season I think. The colour is so eye-catching and it really looks like one of the necklaces in H2O! Why do I always find the stuff I wanted when I already want different stuff?
But maybe I'm going to buy it, they only have one piece so I have to hurry I think...

11 Nov 2010

drawing fashion

Did I mention that I wanted to learn more about drawing fashion? Probably I didn't I even forgot about the class I'm taking... I went yesterday and it was pretty much what I expected. In the cool way. It's not like school you don't have to go and that makes you feel free! We didn't learn much yesterday only a bit about the woman's body and how you draw it in fashionindustrie. Skinny, long legs, too long legs! Then we had to draw a figurine... The teacher said we have to practise if I wouldn't practise I wouldn't get better.

First: Where the hell will I find time to practise? I don't even have enough time to do stuff I need to do.
Second: I forgot what the second thing is... See! I'm totally stressed out!!
Anyway the classes seem fun and I'll go there every week and hopefully I'll learn to draw fashion!

8 Nov 2010

Mary won........

Mary Katrantzou wins the Swiss Textiles Award with her spring collection 2011!
As you can see in on of my old and forgotten posts I fell in love with the collection the minute I saw it! I really think she has earned this award. Hope there'll be more fantastic stuff in her next collection but with 100.000 € you can do a lot...

© Getty Images

6 Nov 2010

i want inspiration…

"I want inspiration..."
"Give me your cigarettes I'll give you inspiration"
Took the cigarettes
Gave an apple

© MONi

2 Nov 2010


I need ties!! I'm starting to be a ties and stars freak… But I really couldn't resist when my uncle said he didn't want these ties anymore. Sadly my brother took one, too. So I just got three but I think they will do it. My brother's is the yellow one next to the blue one. That one's a bit boring… But they are all old fashioned! I love the yellow one with the red squares. First I just wanted to take one but they would have been given away anyway so I could take them all!