13 Nov 2010

jewelry, unique stuff

I found an amazing side called etsy where you can buy unique, selfmade stuff. Take a look at this unique pocket watch necklace from steampunk doesn't it look awesome? Why has it to be $295 I'd love to buy myself this necklace! It looks so medieval like magic! Like the stuff Isaac Newton could have worn. Or Albus Dumbledore...
This necklace is also from etsy and absolutely adorable! Take a look here. It remembers me of the H2O the series. The three girls have these beautiful necklaces in the 4th season I think. The colour is so eye-catching and it really looks like one of the necklaces in H2O! Why do I always find the stuff I wanted when I already want different stuff?
But maybe I'm going to buy it, they only have one piece so I have to hurry I think...

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