27 Jun 2011

this will take a couple of minutes

Life is hard! Especially for people who believe in fashion. For people who want to express something with fashion like a pianist does with a piano and a painter with his colours! Apparently now life's going to be hard for a lot more people than just us fashion expressionists. There is a new rule at my school! Actually not exactly NEW it's just that before there was no real punishment for breaking it. And now everything's changed my whole life is destroyed!!(my stupid school life which I actually -sometimes- love but pssssst don't tell anyone!) They don't want us too wear too short skirts/dresses/shorts what is paradox! Why do you think shorts are called shorts??? Oh right I remember because they are as long as a maxi skirt.
We now can not wear anything shorter than a hand or two depends on how it looks above the knee. Or something like that. There used to be the finger-tip rule but it seems to have been a quick goodbye. 
What am I going to wear??? Tomorrow? The day after tomorrow? and than the day after that and the day after and after and after and after and after that?? There used to be some kind of fairness at school. What's happened?! Now there isn't just the bullies and mean teachers. No, now we can add a fashion censorship! 
Our society is going under it's just a couple of years till people start asking why we need clothes because global warming will make the earth so warm that we'll be able to walk around naked (the playboy would go into insolvency)! And than fashion wouldn't be anymore! Our blogs would all starve to death because they can't tell about the beauty of clothes and the beauty of mixing them and create a clowns costume (or something else funny like superhero or have you ever tried to dress like a plant?).


Frankly I don't know what to wear tomorrow to school. It's going to be hot and my brain will frizzle like a sausage during class. Great prospects… 
Usually I don't really think about what I am going to wear the next day (exceptions are parties, events, times when I get a new dress for something special you know what I mean…) I just like my clothes to show what I am and as I often change the mood (almost every day) unexpected I can't really plan what I want to wear. And I am not the kind of person that wears especially short skirts and dresses. No, I just wear the kind of length the dress has that I happen to like. Sadly labels like H&M, Zara, Forever21 and Mango are made for the big crowd and the big crowd are women who want to buy clothes in which they look good and sexy. 
Of course for some people a mini skirt isn't the best way to look sexy what  a lot of people in my opinion don't really seem to get. Anyway everyone's free to choose what they want to wear that's what makes fashion interesting.
 Labels which do fashionshows often have longer skirts than H&M or something. Like Christopher Kane (spring 2011), Marc Jacobs (dito)… The reason is of course that they are free to let their creativity walk miles away from what's called mainstream. That's why some like them (other just like them because they want to like the same stuff some people like) and that's why they are more expensive ( and of course factors like name and quality make them more expensive, too).  
Okay now I have written too much, right? No one wants to read that much! So here I found a little picture of Karl WHO? and his muse or whatever Baptiste Giabiconi is.

I wanna wear shorts like these to school!! Why can he and I can't?? Now I probably won't buy myself some short jeans rip them up and attach some pins to it.
Here the trailer to one of Lagerfeld's short films. You can watch the whole film on chanel.com if you want to but you'll have to find it by yourself I'm too tired to search for the link again sorry.

This is the end of too long post and by the way I forgot to mentioned that I'm back. I got so angry about that rule that I completely forgot to tell.

13 Jun 2011


I = me, flying to a place where no internet exists (no not the mars), staying there two weeks and coming back burned by the sun (hopefully not looking like a lobster) 
Welts Art = the blog will stay in a place where the internet does exist but sadly no one will update it as I (the most important blogger) will be in place where no internet, no person and no computer or whatever can reach me
You = my readers (I loooove you so much blablablabla (okay, okay I do like you, I admit it) to be continued when I get back) you will stay here all by your own and I really hope you'll make it, let me know if the wilderness of the internet has taken over or you've been eaten by a tiger, anyways I will miss you

∆gotta pack now, we're leaving for the airport in 4 hours and it's already after midnight so I'm not sure wether  I'll get some sleep tonight Ω

9 Jun 2011

don't look at me that way

source: loveth-music

Actually this isn't really a post about the designer. It's about rebels. Fashion rebels. And all the others. 
I think a lot of bloggers see themselves as rebels. Actually it's not just us bloggers. It's almost every teen. Those little wannabes… 
What else? Well all those revolutions in countries where people thought it was time for something new. French revolution, American war of independence… But it's always the same about rebells weather they are rebells like in Libya or fashion rebells. They want something new something they are ready to die for in fashion's case to die in a social standing way. 
Already thinking what the hell has this to do with Tom Rebl? Well a girl at school was wearing this t-shirt about one of his fashion shows (you know those really cool shirts where the label's name is written on and the day of the show and some cranky stuff like a picture of the designer…) and on the back was first this picture from above (tom rebl blablabla) and below there was written FASHION REBELLS. 
That made me think (like a lot of stuff does right now).

Btw the line above was the one I should be telling you what I thought about but I just think I'll do it differently and be a rebel! So it's the next line where I'll tell you about it.
When one becomes a rebel you have to try to settle your ideas, don't you? And then when you have become the new regime you've achieved what you wanted. You are the new regime. But there will be again people who are against the new regime. And they probably want to see their ideas realized too so they'll be the new rebells. 
And the old rebells? They'll be the new bad ones. The old, which has to be renewed. 
It's weird and I never thought about it. But it's the way it is. 
When Franco took over the regime in Spain he in the end was replaced, too. 
And it's the same with fashion rebells they come and go. And mostly people who call themselves rebells aren't any rebells at all. They just would like to be some but they are doing what some others are already doing. Going against fashion magazines. Not doing what everybody else is doing. 
Frankly a fashion rebel is someone who you wouldn't even have thought of caring about fashion. Because a lot of people are driving on a very narrow road where there's not enough room for everybody.
And so they pretend the others wouldn't be there but they are. They are the road holes. Annoying for some people, great for others cause they jump of their seats and have fun.

7 Jun 2011

life's not fair

Some people really need some big new problems so they can stop criticizing me! Telling ME I'm impolite! Really, what kind of new bulling is that supposed to be? It would be normal if my mom would have told me that but not a girl in the cafeteria (and it had nothing to do with my eating manners because I was already finished)! I was just sitting there waiting till V would have finished eating up the fries of someone else (yeah they are people who apparently don't like fries that much) and while that I was just looking around. Then I saw someone I knew (okay you know a lot of people at school but I mean people you actually talk to, more often than just two times a year) and I kept looking at them. So they came over and sit and front of us and one of them just felt she should say how impolite it is to look at people the way I looked at them. 
Gosh I hate such people! People telling me that I am impolite while they are as rude as some pig sitting in a restaurant and trying to eat lobster! Okay that's a bit too much, not that rude but I think people who are texting all the time while you talk to them are very rude. 
Frankly a lot of people seem to get everything wrong. Every time I do or say something they just misunderstand. I say:"Oh hey!" They understand:"OHHH heeey…" In that way people say it when they are not happy to see that person. 
So no wonder after this awful day (biology test-.- and someone my age told me I'm being impolite by looking the way I look what actually is something to laugh about :D cause a) who cares ? b) it's just the way my face looks like when I'm bored or just while I watch people who I don't really find interesting. If they would be interesting I'd probably look totally interested!) I was in the mood of doing some kind of mood board.

credits: tumblr, CREATEHAPPINESS, weheartit, Marc Johns

2 Jun 2011

the people who are supposed to save our world


I am new.


 I am different.


am super girl!

Now starts the laughing (ahahahahahhihihihihihhohohhohheheh… to be continued -shit I forgot the not before the to-) How I had this shiny idea? I don't know anymore because I made this pictures a week ago or even two weeks and I was to bored to do anything about them. But I kind of remember thinking about supermen and why they dress the way they dress because let's face it they dress rather ridiculously and stupidly.
Like the probably most known superhero: SUPERMAN
He really looks a bit strange in his blue-red thing, it's such a cliché (what is okay in his case because he was one of the very first)

But he is pretty new and that's why I think they could have done it better thought probably it was the point to make him look a bit ridiculously as he hasn't really got any powers…

I couldn't stop laughing when he first tried on his costume. He looks like a kindergarden kid! But that's just why I love this movie they are all absolutely crazy!!

The incredibles! I am a huge fan! I just love the story, the animation, every single detail! Besides, the costumes are okay but actually -almost- all superman costumes are OKAY. They just aren't  really creative…
I think supermen should have better costumes, some which make them look like I don't different than they already look.