7 Jun 2011

life's not fair

Some people really need some big new problems so they can stop criticizing me! Telling ME I'm impolite! Really, what kind of new bulling is that supposed to be? It would be normal if my mom would have told me that but not a girl in the cafeteria (and it had nothing to do with my eating manners because I was already finished)! I was just sitting there waiting till V would have finished eating up the fries of someone else (yeah they are people who apparently don't like fries that much) and while that I was just looking around. Then I saw someone I knew (okay you know a lot of people at school but I mean people you actually talk to, more often than just two times a year) and I kept looking at them. So they came over and sit and front of us and one of them just felt she should say how impolite it is to look at people the way I looked at them. 
Gosh I hate such people! People telling me that I am impolite while they are as rude as some pig sitting in a restaurant and trying to eat lobster! Okay that's a bit too much, not that rude but I think people who are texting all the time while you talk to them are very rude. 
Frankly a lot of people seem to get everything wrong. Every time I do or say something they just misunderstand. I say:"Oh hey!" They understand:"OHHH heeey…" In that way people say it when they are not happy to see that person. 
So no wonder after this awful day (biology test-.- and someone my age told me I'm being impolite by looking the way I look what actually is something to laugh about :D cause a) who cares ? b) it's just the way my face looks like when I'm bored or just while I watch people who I don't really find interesting. If they would be interesting I'd probably look totally interested!) I was in the mood of doing some kind of mood board.

credits: tumblr, CREATEHAPPINESS, weheartit, Marc Johns


  1. Anonymous8.6.11

    I've lived in different countries... 2 continents and an island... you can never get away from people like that...
    the good news is you are not part of their lives.

  2. so weird I'm watchin the lion king right now and saw this photo ha... loved that quote from scar/./I've always felt more identified with him.. does that make me evil?


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