9 Jun 2011

don't look at me that way

source: loveth-music

Actually this isn't really a post about the designer. It's about rebels. Fashion rebels. And all the others. 
I think a lot of bloggers see themselves as rebels. Actually it's not just us bloggers. It's almost every teen. Those little wannabes… 
What else? Well all those revolutions in countries where people thought it was time for something new. French revolution, American war of independence… But it's always the same about rebells weather they are rebells like in Libya or fashion rebells. They want something new something they are ready to die for in fashion's case to die in a social standing way. 
Already thinking what the hell has this to do with Tom Rebl? Well a girl at school was wearing this t-shirt about one of his fashion shows (you know those really cool shirts where the label's name is written on and the day of the show and some cranky stuff like a picture of the designer…) and on the back was first this picture from above (tom rebl blablabla) and below there was written FASHION REBELLS. 
That made me think (like a lot of stuff does right now).

Btw the line above was the one I should be telling you what I thought about but I just think I'll do it differently and be a rebel! So it's the next line where I'll tell you about it.
When one becomes a rebel you have to try to settle your ideas, don't you? And then when you have become the new regime you've achieved what you wanted. You are the new regime. But there will be again people who are against the new regime. And they probably want to see their ideas realized too so they'll be the new rebells. 
And the old rebells? They'll be the new bad ones. The old, which has to be renewed. 
It's weird and I never thought about it. But it's the way it is. 
When Franco took over the regime in Spain he in the end was replaced, too. 
And it's the same with fashion rebells they come and go. And mostly people who call themselves rebells aren't any rebells at all. They just would like to be some but they are doing what some others are already doing. Going against fashion magazines. Not doing what everybody else is doing. 
Frankly a fashion rebel is someone who you wouldn't even have thought of caring about fashion. Because a lot of people are driving on a very narrow road where there's not enough room for everybody.
And so they pretend the others wouldn't be there but they are. They are the road holes. Annoying for some people, great for others cause they jump of their seats and have fun.


  1. Thanks for the comment~!! :)

  2. I agree to your thoughts about rebels! Be one and think differently! I love your blog <3


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