13 Jun 2011


I = me, flying to a place where no internet exists (no not the mars), staying there two weeks and coming back burned by the sun (hopefully not looking like a lobster) 
Welts Art = the blog will stay in a place where the internet does exist but sadly no one will update it as I (the most important blogger) will be in place where no internet, no person and no computer or whatever can reach me
You = my readers (I loooove you so much blablablabla (okay, okay I do like you, I admit it) to be continued when I get back) you will stay here all by your own and I really hope you'll make it, let me know if the wilderness of the internet has taken over or you've been eaten by a tiger, anyways I will miss you

∆gotta pack now, we're leaving for the airport in 4 hours and it's already after midnight so I'm not sure wether  I'll get some sleep tonight Ω


  1. enjoy the relaxing time in that place



  2. enjoy the tranquility!!!! and sun!!!hope you can stop by my blog for some +vibes and inspiration! ps-also hosting a rad frida kahlo cuff giveaway that ends friday!xo

  3. I want to thank you following my blog! :) And I really love yours, but now you're going away for two internet-less weeks... so that's disappointing, haha. But I hope you have a fantastic time, and I will be here when you return. :D

  4. have a really good holiday ;) see you soon

  5. Have fun! Btw; I loved your comment on my last post, haha. & the note 'Let's be honest here' in the commentbox... i dunno, thats cool.


Let's be honest here.