27 Jun 2011

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Life is hard! Especially for people who believe in fashion. For people who want to express something with fashion like a pianist does with a piano and a painter with his colours! Apparently now life's going to be hard for a lot more people than just us fashion expressionists. There is a new rule at my school! Actually not exactly NEW it's just that before there was no real punishment for breaking it. And now everything's changed my whole life is destroyed!!(my stupid school life which I actually -sometimes- love but pssssst don't tell anyone!) They don't want us too wear too short skirts/dresses/shorts what is paradox! Why do you think shorts are called shorts??? Oh right I remember because they are as long as a maxi skirt.
We now can not wear anything shorter than a hand or two depends on how it looks above the knee. Or something like that. There used to be the finger-tip rule but it seems to have been a quick goodbye. 
What am I going to wear??? Tomorrow? The day after tomorrow? and than the day after that and the day after and after and after and after and after that?? There used to be some kind of fairness at school. What's happened?! Now there isn't just the bullies and mean teachers. No, now we can add a fashion censorship! 
Our society is going under it's just a couple of years till people start asking why we need clothes because global warming will make the earth so warm that we'll be able to walk around naked (the playboy would go into insolvency)! And than fashion wouldn't be anymore! Our blogs would all starve to death because they can't tell about the beauty of clothes and the beauty of mixing them and create a clowns costume (or something else funny like superhero or have you ever tried to dress like a plant?).


Frankly I don't know what to wear tomorrow to school. It's going to be hot and my brain will frizzle like a sausage during class. Great prospects… 
Usually I don't really think about what I am going to wear the next day (exceptions are parties, events, times when I get a new dress for something special you know what I mean…) I just like my clothes to show what I am and as I often change the mood (almost every day) unexpected I can't really plan what I want to wear. And I am not the kind of person that wears especially short skirts and dresses. No, I just wear the kind of length the dress has that I happen to like. Sadly labels like H&M, Zara, Forever21 and Mango are made for the big crowd and the big crowd are women who want to buy clothes in which they look good and sexy. 
Of course for some people a mini skirt isn't the best way to look sexy what  a lot of people in my opinion don't really seem to get. Anyway everyone's free to choose what they want to wear that's what makes fashion interesting.
 Labels which do fashionshows often have longer skirts than H&M or something. Like Christopher Kane (spring 2011), Marc Jacobs (dito)… The reason is of course that they are free to let their creativity walk miles away from what's called mainstream. That's why some like them (other just like them because they want to like the same stuff some people like) and that's why they are more expensive ( and of course factors like name and quality make them more expensive, too).  
Okay now I have written too much, right? No one wants to read that much! So here I found a little picture of Karl WHO? and his muse or whatever Baptiste Giabiconi is.

I wanna wear shorts like these to school!! Why can he and I can't?? Now I probably won't buy myself some short jeans rip them up and attach some pins to it.
Here the trailer to one of Lagerfeld's short films. You can watch the whole film on chanel.com if you want to but you'll have to find it by yourself I'm too tired to search for the link again sorry.

This is the end of too long post and by the way I forgot to mentioned that I'm back. I got so angry about that rule that I completely forgot to tell.


  1. love karl and his film is amazing! Giabiconi is gorgeous but if my boyfriend wear a shorts like this, I don't think I gonna like it
    (sorry my english sucks I know)

  2. Anonymous25.9.11

    hehe agree with the comment above ^ love karl though

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