24 Feb 2012


The elves keep telling me to start blogging again but I guess I'm just not as passionate about it as I used to be. Course it's still fun to write but I don't really know about what… I used to want to write about fashion. And now? The only thing I really want now is more holidays and that my essay that's due today writes itself down. Yeah me and my dreams we're really ambitious I spend the week reading books and not doing a thing! But reading books of course…
You wanna know why I don't know what to write about fashion okay I'll tell yah it's pretty easy I seem to like nothig anymore. Almost every fashion collection's kinda dull and the blogs are like "puuuuuuuuke" everybody just wants to get more and more hits noone really cares about anything else.
There you have it from someone who's a better blogger than me

I haven't really ever read fashion pirate and since I haven't blogged for nearly a year I also haven't followed other blogs. The only thing that has kinda kept me bound to the blogosphere was rookie magazine. If you call it a part of the blogosphere cause it's supposed to be a magazine… But I really thing Arabella here is right the one thing that bugs me besides all the other stuff (the list is way too long to be discussed here) is all those other shitty bloggers looking all the same wearing all the same "style" vintage clothes pared with vintage shoes, some forever 21 jewelry and an ugly old bag with cats on it (grandma's birthday present for their 7th birthday they've been hating until they saw Tavi Gevinson wearing it while fashion week in paris).
Sooooo sorry to tell you that my dear "bloggers".

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