26 Feb 2012

Meadham Kichhoff would you adopt a white mouse

Sitting on my bed, looking at all those blogs I haven't looked at for ages, listening to music at 8tracks and making collages with photoshop. They turned out pretty shitty but they're only to show my favorite stuff of Meadham Kirchhoff's fall 2012 collection, which by the way is AWESOME!
I didn't know anything about Meadham Kirchhoff until I started reading Rookie. They talk about them like 8 times a week so I had to come across them sometime. Maybe Meadham Kirchhoff will take me by the hand and visit with me fashionlandia again. Their stuff's soooooooo cool that I just wanna go to sleep and dream to live in their atelier and never ever wake up again! Or maybe a witch should come and turn me into a white mouse and so I could live in their atelier as a mouse! Edward and Benjamin would give me cheese to eat and I'd become their pet. Two seasons later their collection would contain a lot of dresses, sweaters and stockings with mouses on them and me and my mice friends we'd be running on the catwalk while the models show the clothes. Provided that Edward and Benjamin aren't afraid of mice and that the models aren't and the audience…
Their collection for this fall is by all means great. But with Meadham Kirchhoff it's not only the clothes that you look at it's the whole thing. They design the clothes and mix them together to an outfit. Their shows are like a modern play (spring/summer 2012 was like a fairy tale) without words but the best stage design you could ever imagine! 
I just fund a video by vogue of the fashion show and it was pretty lame because you don't see much. The review on style.com by Maya Singer is much better. Apparently the inspiration was a club Kirchhoff would like to go to if it existed. I wanna move to a city with people wearing outfits like that…

Here are my favorite looks: the witchy ones (1&4) and the second with the cherry fur. The jacket in picture 4 isn't really my thing but the dress is !. 7 and 8 are "wanna wear that to school tomorrow", 3 is "gonna wear that one the day after tomorrow" and number 5 is gonna accompany me friday night and everybody's gonna stop and stare and tell their friends "omg what is she wearing" while cool people are gonna come up to me and we're gonna have a great talk about our icons, favorite designers and which witch we could ask to turn us into mice. 

These are details you might not see at the first look but you should look at them now because that's the best about a Meadham Kirchhoff collection. Everywhere are DETAILS!! There a sure more to find but I'm a lazy person so I quit searching after 10 or so but if you really got nothing to do (BUT THAT CAN'T BE POSSIBLE! cause you're reading my blog right *grin*) you should look at the whole collection of pictures at style.com and find more details.
My favorite here are definitely the angry heart and the glove that looks like a bear paw (search for the pictures above the d of Meadham). The blue hand is also really cool but I'm not sure if it's a glove or a painted hand… 
By the way I actually wouldn't adopt a mouse not even a white one. I'm not afraid of them but… heeeeey they are mice they LIKE to live outside on their one and not in cage where I would keep a mouse DAY AND NIGHT!
*pictures are from style.com


  1. wacky and amazing! I had not seen this collection yet.. how cool.. thanks for stopping by my blog.. and yes! I've got to find that ring, and if I don't find it on earth I'll search for it on the moon, mars and pluto as well :)

  2. Gahhh I love Meadham-Kirchof. It's just an explosion of happy colours and some crazy stuff, and some wearable stuff, and some - I don't even know.

    I like your analysis of it, well, comments on it, well, this post in general. I AGREE. ^^

  3. Yes yes yes, they're genius!

  4. Love, love, love your blog! Great photos and super awesome header:)!

    Have a sweet day♥!
    Love, Iris



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