30 Oct 2010

I'm still waiting for my inspiration phase which isn't coming and I can't post without this phase! Maybe it's because there's not real good new music on the market. I'm listening all time to old stuff.
But I want to say something. I want to tell the world. It's important so don't stop reading.
We are not original. We dress like a/the girl/man we admire. We dress like the model in the magazine. We dress like the celebrities. And why? We lost our originality, we lost our style! Yes I do like magazines. I like to see the nice pictures of beautiful clothes woren by beautiful women in a nice combination. I don't care if it's a model or a celebrity. They are wearing clothes (mostly by expensive brands) which look good in a combination that looks good! Why the hell should I go shopping and not buy that stuff?
I mean it looks good, doesn't it? I saw that it looked good I want to look good so I'll buy it and then I'll look good, too! Please don't think like that. Change your way of thinking into something like I go shopping and I'll look at the stuff and say I like that I like that and that. And I don't like it because I saw that Kate Moss wore this last sunday when she took her dog out for a walk!
You have to open your eyes. And then you'll see that we say who we are when we dress. And when I dress like someone different I want to say I'm this person. But I'm not. I'm still myself.

"There is no such thing as bad taste" said Marc Jacobs. I think he isn't right. There is such thing. But it only exists when we don't dress the way we are.
So don't be afraid to buy something you never saw before. You feel you like it? You don't know if your friends like it? You don't have to care about your friends likes and dislikes in fashion. Fashion is art and I don't buy a painting because my friend likes it. I buy a painting because I like it. I want to see it every day in my house.

Give the same treatment you give a painting, a jacket.

20 Oct 2010

acqua you can't drink

Acqua Di Gioia by Giorgio Armani from Transparence Consulting on Vimeo.

Somewhere I read that Giorgio Armani was inspired by his hometown or favourite italian island to create this new perfume. Wouldn't the model have her mouth open all the time, there'd be a possibility that the video looks natural. But commercials always have to be atractive and what's more attractive than a sexy woman with her mouth open? Perfect lips, perfect teeth… beautiful face. Too perfect… But the perfume smells good I really like it but I already have too many perfumes. I think I have 4 or 5?? Six actually would sound better, wouldn't it? I shouldn't… there are things I'd like to have more like my soon ariving iPhone!!!

Revolution by Vivienne Weatwood

Guys don't like to wear their pants high waisted. And don't ask me why they like to wear them low waisted! It's kind of creepy when a guy walks by your side and his jeans is down by the knees. That's the extrem version but why?? They say it's more comfortabel… I say I don't want to see your boxershorts! But with the years the pants have gone from the knees to the I just see half of the boxershorts look which is totally better than the other one but I still like old fashioned, normal waisted pants. I know I sound like my grandma… You can't get that so I had to start living with it. Now I ended up liking outfits like this one:
Yes, you see a boxershorts and she's wearing her pants low waisted but I like it. I normally like what men wear and the biggest fashion revolution was that women started to wear men stuff. Now we already wear pants and Vivienne Westwood thought hey let's make it like the boys. Let's have a new revolution!

17 Oct 2010

This weekend was my birthday no big deal of a party I just had the fantastic idea to invite a few friends over and make american brunch. Cookies, Donuts, Muffins, Pancakes… all you can think of. Turned out to be one of the best birthdays I ever had. The best came in the evening. My friend convinced me to sleep at her place. It was part of her present so she couldn't tell me what we were going to do. As I showed up my two other best friends were there waiting in nice dresses and with cocktails! It was our Sex and the city night. They really surprised me!! So I don't have pictures of sturday night but some of the brunch and friday night when I went out with my family…

7 Oct 2010


Well I wrote Haider Ackermann had the best show I take it all back! I should have waiten for Wolfgang Joop's Wunderkind show. Frankly it's the best! Yeah I really loved John Galliano but you can't beat this I think! I don't want to post a lot of photos like I did the last few posts. So here are those which I think of to be the best!

Those trousers with cherrys on it
are genius! The men shirt is cool but I don't think any guy I know would wear that thought I'd try to convince him… And gosh I think Wunderkind is really expensive so I probably won't be able to afford a dress but I'd just be happy with a pair of these leggings. Man you heard the new song of James Blunt Stay the night? Can't stop listening to it! For more photos click here.

6 Oct 2010

chanel; woman with hat in the sea

I just came home from school and look what news my favourite blogs have. Kind of surprised that almost everyone did write about the Chanel show! Those who didn't even write anything about the paris fw before did now write about that show! Well I haven't seen the photos on style.com and I'll probably won't until 8 but I saw some at the sartorialist and I actually don't know what to think… there are so (/too) much feathers! Well I just some so I can't tell you anything about the show…
But I have here two photos I found yesterday and I thought I'll just post them:
Normally I don't post any street fashion pictures but this time is different. It wasn't in the street. I took this picture in Crotia while we were waiting for the ship which had to take us to the island. I think it's so classic. The woman with a swimsuit the glasseas and the sunhat swimming in the sea. (quality is bad because I wanted to zoome and that's what happened!)

Yves Saint Lauren

click on the photo to see it bigger

You know you can see if a collection had its debut in Paris /Milan or New York? The Paris and Milan shows have just a different feeling than the NY shows. Not that I've ever been to any fashionshows but if you see the photos you just know sometimes this was NY or this was Paris. Like this show was definitely Paris. I think I'm just gonna tell you why I picked out this photos.
  1. I love jumpsuits and that one has such a natural cut and it's still extraordinery.
  2. Trench coats are classic and that submarine blue is it too, so why's it here? Because of how big it is. It's not oversized or something just one part of it. (Just click on the photo to see it better can't describe it very well)
  3. Like that oversized sleeves and the colour of the shirt. It's just one touch of orange in the whole collection but sometimes these touches are the things people remember of the best.
  4. I'm a big fan of just black and white outfits so of course I do love that skirt with this cute pocket and that wondefull cuted shirt!
  5. Wasn't that the kind of suit Yves Saint Lauren inveted for women when he lived?
  6. That dress is amazing I really love the colour and I think it's cool that the skirt is long and you can't see trough it kind of an oldie but the shirt is transparent and you can see everything. Just the perfct contrast between new fashion and old fashion!
  7. That dress is pretty classic but I just liked it when I saw it and thought I could add it here because if your eyes are good you see ther are two parts on each side of the dress where you can see the body. Just small, but beautifull.
  8. You remember this summer when these harem pants where totally in? These one are much better! Great how the material is falling on both sides of the body.
  9. That blue dress is just flying around that model! Like a pair of wings. You can see the bodysuit as something constant and the other "stuff" flying around it like smoke!
Hope you liked the show too for more photos of the show click here

5 Oct 2010

John Galliano

click on the photo to see it bigger

Yes I do love that man's art. It's like the 21st century mixed with the 19th or the 18th! Our colours and our cuts but the hats are the old ones. The whole show has a fantastic flair! To sit in John Galliano's show is my dream! The colours are how they are supposed to be I mean it's a spring show. So they are bright and warm but also cold (blue) because summer hasn't started yet. And like in all of John Galliano's collctions there are wonderfull hats! I love them they are like in the old times. Gosh!
I don't know if I have already posted this but in November I'm going to take drawing lessons. Yeah there are people who think they still can do somethinhg I can't!
I'm going to learn how to draw fashion. So I'm kind of really exited because the last time I took drawing lessons it didn't work out that good. Not because I'm a bad drawer (I'm actually OK) It's just when I was younger it wasn't that easy for me to meet new, strange people alone. But that's history (I hope). I'm gonna learn how to draw pretty models in much prettier dresses!!
Oh and by the way I found a new way to get to money! I'm a bank robber now!!
Ok I might have a thing for the overdramatic writing but it's just cool. I'm teaching English to kids who just don't get it…
For all photos of the show click here.

4 Oct 2010

Haider Ackermann

The Sartorialist about Haider Ackermanns show: ,, Haider Ackermann was the best show I've seen in Paris so far.“ I don't agree because if a show was good it was so unlikely to the other that you can't compare them. But this show had so many beautiful gowns that I wish I could go to a party where you can wear something like that. I love them all but my favourites are those below. And the red one in the picture above!
Actually I love them all!!!!

3 Oct 2010

Jean Paul Gaultier

You see the designer and you don't think he's the one who did this show. It happens all the time. And when you see Jean Paul Gaultier's show you think: cool! The models are styled like rockstars and they wear Dr. Martens. But there comes more there are dresses which are looking like the dresses in fairytales. Like that green one. I'm sure a fairy would wear that in a minute (by the way, me too)! In the second picture the model (Karlie Kloss (gonna have a special post on Karlie Kloss when fw is over)) holds 3d glasses which gives the impression of something spacy. You get all this impressions just in one show!!!
Also very cool is that Jean Paul Gaultier's models aren't always that skinny.
Letting Beth Dito opening the show seems probably weird on the first look but hey we should get used to it. Skinny models won't stay forever. Maybe someday all models won't have any more size zero. I really hope so.

1 Oct 2010

French Vogue's Birthday Party

French Vogue celebrated their 90th anniversary! Happy Birthday?! I wish I could have been at that party. Looks like evryone has a lot of fun! These masked balls are just awesome. Pictures are fromstyle.com I picked out the best costumes!

Diane von Furstenberg with a beautifull venecian mask. And Margherita Missoni red, black and hearted.

Tyra Banks is probably falling for Spider Man. Marc Jacobs looking like Zorro or a bank robber.

Revelers with very spacy masks. Anna dello Russo like a swan with the head of a snake?

Franca Sozzani from Vogue Italy in black and with a purple touched mask. Zac Posen… like in the Matrix only the girls don't fit in.


Please pay attention! Red is not just the color of this fall and this winter. No it's also the color of next spring if you want to wear stuff that's been lately on the runway!