5 Oct 2010

John Galliano

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Yes I do love that man's art. It's like the 21st century mixed with the 19th or the 18th! Our colours and our cuts but the hats are the old ones. The whole show has a fantastic flair! To sit in John Galliano's show is my dream! The colours are how they are supposed to be I mean it's a spring show. So they are bright and warm but also cold (blue) because summer hasn't started yet. And like in all of John Galliano's collctions there are wonderfull hats! I love them they are like in the old times. Gosh!
I don't know if I have already posted this but in November I'm going to take drawing lessons. Yeah there are people who think they still can do somethinhg I can't!
I'm going to learn how to draw fashion. So I'm kind of really exited because the last time I took drawing lessons it didn't work out that good. Not because I'm a bad drawer (I'm actually OK) It's just when I was younger it wasn't that easy for me to meet new, strange people alone. But that's history (I hope). I'm gonna learn how to draw pretty models in much prettier dresses!!
Oh and by the way I found a new way to get to money! I'm a bank robber now!!
Ok I might have a thing for the overdramatic writing but it's just cool. I'm teaching English to kids who just don't get it…
For all photos of the show click here.

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  1. so beautiful! i love the colours!


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