6 Oct 2010

Yves Saint Lauren

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You know you can see if a collection had its debut in Paris /Milan or New York? The Paris and Milan shows have just a different feeling than the NY shows. Not that I've ever been to any fashionshows but if you see the photos you just know sometimes this was NY or this was Paris. Like this show was definitely Paris. I think I'm just gonna tell you why I picked out this photos.
  1. I love jumpsuits and that one has such a natural cut and it's still extraordinery.
  2. Trench coats are classic and that submarine blue is it too, so why's it here? Because of how big it is. It's not oversized or something just one part of it. (Just click on the photo to see it better can't describe it very well)
  3. Like that oversized sleeves and the colour of the shirt. It's just one touch of orange in the whole collection but sometimes these touches are the things people remember of the best.
  4. I'm a big fan of just black and white outfits so of course I do love that skirt with this cute pocket and that wondefull cuted shirt!
  5. Wasn't that the kind of suit Yves Saint Lauren inveted for women when he lived?
  6. That dress is amazing I really love the colour and I think it's cool that the skirt is long and you can't see trough it kind of an oldie but the shirt is transparent and you can see everything. Just the perfct contrast between new fashion and old fashion!
  7. That dress is pretty classic but I just liked it when I saw it and thought I could add it here because if your eyes are good you see ther are two parts on each side of the dress where you can see the body. Just small, but beautifull.
  8. You remember this summer when these harem pants where totally in? These one are much better! Great how the material is falling on both sides of the body.
  9. That blue dress is just flying around that model! Like a pair of wings. You can see the bodysuit as something constant and the other "stuff" flying around it like smoke!
Hope you liked the show too for more photos of the show click here

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