6 Oct 2010

chanel; woman with hat in the sea

I just came home from school and look what news my favourite blogs have. Kind of surprised that almost everyone did write about the Chanel show! Those who didn't even write anything about the paris fw before did now write about that show! Well I haven't seen the photos on style.com and I'll probably won't until 8 but I saw some at the sartorialist and I actually don't know what to think… there are so (/too) much feathers! Well I just some so I can't tell you anything about the show…
But I have here two photos I found yesterday and I thought I'll just post them:
Normally I don't post any street fashion pictures but this time is different. It wasn't in the street. I took this picture in Crotia while we were waiting for the ship which had to take us to the island. I think it's so classic. The woman with a swimsuit the glasseas and the sunhat swimming in the sea. (quality is bad because I wanted to zoome and that's what happened!)

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