30 Jan 2011

young and still old

Like usually I have to apologize for my absence. And like always I had a very good reason for not being blogging.  I always blog when I feel bad so now I actually feel bad. I wanna feel better so let's talk about seriously, really inspiring stuff. Stuff like movies. Like A single man. Whoever didn't see the movie should ran to the next video shop and get it! Seriously you have to see it. Two times at least. First time ordinary and second with Tom Fords comment on. It's amazing! Of course the clothes are awsome. You can't expect anything less than awesomeness in a movie that's been directed by Tom Ford. Especially the clothes have to freak you out.
I think most of the actors are models. They just look to good for not being models. Their bodies are just perfect. Take a look at Kenny's. He's tall, thin, has a beautiful face and a nice smile. You don't need anything more to be a model. And that girl next to him (he's girlfriend I believe) during all the scenes where she appears she just has that typical model face. This sexy acting of her mouth and her eyes.

Also Carlos! The cool guy in the clip. He's absolutly my taste although I had to learn guys like him don't fall in love with women. During the whole film the things George's attracted by flush into color while the rest of day the not important things stay grey and boring.
And also Carlos flushes, his lips, his face, everything. I love the way how Carlso moves it's this typical movement guys like carlos have. Tall, thin and unusually beautiful. They all have two more things in common these guys they have great style and don't seem to notice me. But probably it's just that they don't fall in love with women.
 Anyway let's analyse some more of the film. Like Kennys sweather! I absolutely love it. Tom Ford says they had to spray it with hairpray so it stayed fluffy.
What really is cool in the film or in generell at that time in the 60s is you were allowed to smoke everywhere. In class, bars… now I couldn't publish that very cool picture I took click here to see it in our school magazine. I wish I could live in the 60s with cool music, awesome clothes, old stuff and smoking without caring about ones and others health.

Like in Out of Reach by Gabrielle:
…those days are gone…

Okay not really the 60s but also one of my favorite movies!

20 Jan 2011

fire you and your vogue

It isn't christmas anymore but why not relaxing with candles and the latest issue of VOGUE?

10 Jan 2011

back for good

I am back! Back for good I think. I hope. I know I've been absent for a while. A big while actually I didn't even finish my Adventskalender. I'm really sorry about that but it happens all the time you forget to open the next door and sometimes you just forget to open the last two doors like I did. It feels good writing again. I've been sick the week after new year's and I didn't enjoy staying in bad while my brother and dad were skiing. Anyway I got my camera (OLYMPUS PEN E-P2) and I've already been out for taking pictures! I actually can't wait it gets dark later so I can go outside after school and practise. Right now I just can practise at the weekend.
Today was my first day back at school after holydays and I felt quite well. Probably just because French and Latin have been canceled.
SO I actually didn't want to write about my boring school stuff I wanted to write about this video I watched yesterday. I found it on the Sartorialist.
I', gonna post it on the bottom so first I can write about it. Of course you can fisrt watch it if you prefer.
I didn't know the appereance of the Sartorialist. I just call him the Sartorialist because I don't know his real name. (Maybe I'm going to do a little research on him later but I still have to do so much for school so I don't know whether I'll have time.)
You know he does fabulous photographs. I wish I could do that. And he doesn't look the way I have thought of him at all. He's different than all these other people who work in fashion industry. Maybe it's because he's a photographer so the man who takes the pictures of the crazy (not always but let's be honest most of them do look crazy) people. You don't know how he looks because he's the genius behind the camera like the woman in the video said. He really is genius. The photos look awesome and he walks 4 or 5 hours a day in the streets and takes pictures. I wish I had the time to do that. Well he gets paid because he has the website. But he didn't even want to be a photographer when he was young. And he just goes to the people and says: "Excuse me can I take a picture of you?" The woman asks: "What for?" And he answers he writes this website called the Sartorialist and then of course everyone knows who he is and lets him take his photo. And he doesn't has to be worried that people won't know his website because just EVERYBODY knows the Sartorialist.
Ok I think I'm getting a bit obsessed so I'm going to post here the video.

I wish I could take pictures like him. Or if I just could ask people let me take picture of them.
I'm not shy. Not anymore but it really is difficult just to take a picture of other people. They look at you and their face says "What the hell are you doing?". And that's without asking them if I can publish the pictures. Anyway I haven't taken any good pictures yet because you have to be really fast when you want to take one of a walking person. Maybe anyone here has any hints how I can try asking people if I can take a picture and publish it or just street fashion photography hints.
Feels good to write again.