3 Oct 2010

Jean Paul Gaultier

You see the designer and you don't think he's the one who did this show. It happens all the time. And when you see Jean Paul Gaultier's show you think: cool! The models are styled like rockstars and they wear Dr. Martens. But there comes more there are dresses which are looking like the dresses in fairytales. Like that green one. I'm sure a fairy would wear that in a minute (by the way, me too)! In the second picture the model (Karlie Kloss (gonna have a special post on Karlie Kloss when fw is over)) holds 3d glasses which gives the impression of something spacy. You get all this impressions just in one show!!!
Also very cool is that Jean Paul Gaultier's models aren't always that skinny.
Letting Beth Dito opening the show seems probably weird on the first look but hey we should get used to it. Skinny models won't stay forever. Maybe someday all models won't have any more size zero. I really hope so.

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  1. Wonderful :))))



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