1 Oct 2010

French Vogue's Birthday Party

French Vogue celebrated their 90th anniversary! Happy Birthday?! I wish I could have been at that party. Looks like evryone has a lot of fun! These masked balls are just awesome. Pictures are fromstyle.com I picked out the best costumes!

Diane von Furstenberg with a beautifull venecian mask. And Margherita Missoni red, black and hearted.

Tyra Banks is probably falling for Spider Man. Marc Jacobs looking like Zorro or a bank robber.

Revelers with very spacy masks. Anna dello Russo like a swan with the head of a snake?

Franca Sozzani from Vogue Italy in black and with a purple touched mask. Zac Posen… like in the Matrix only the girls don't fit in.

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