30 Oct 2010

I'm still waiting for my inspiration phase which isn't coming and I can't post without this phase! Maybe it's because there's not real good new music on the market. I'm listening all time to old stuff.
But I want to say something. I want to tell the world. It's important so don't stop reading.
We are not original. We dress like a/the girl/man we admire. We dress like the model in the magazine. We dress like the celebrities. And why? We lost our originality, we lost our style! Yes I do like magazines. I like to see the nice pictures of beautiful clothes woren by beautiful women in a nice combination. I don't care if it's a model or a celebrity. They are wearing clothes (mostly by expensive brands) which look good in a combination that looks good! Why the hell should I go shopping and not buy that stuff?
I mean it looks good, doesn't it? I saw that it looked good I want to look good so I'll buy it and then I'll look good, too! Please don't think like that. Change your way of thinking into something like I go shopping and I'll look at the stuff and say I like that I like that and that. And I don't like it because I saw that Kate Moss wore this last sunday when she took her dog out for a walk!
You have to open your eyes. And then you'll see that we say who we are when we dress. And when I dress like someone different I want to say I'm this person. But I'm not. I'm still myself.

"There is no such thing as bad taste" said Marc Jacobs. I think he isn't right. There is such thing. But it only exists when we don't dress the way we are.
So don't be afraid to buy something you never saw before. You feel you like it? You don't know if your friends like it? You don't have to care about your friends likes and dislikes in fashion. Fashion is art and I don't buy a painting because my friend likes it. I buy a painting because I like it. I want to see it every day in my house.

Give the same treatment you give a painting, a jacket.

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  1. Hi Moni,
    Habe einige Galaxy-Stücke bei youreyeslie.com gekauft (der Shop ist auch auf lookbook.nu verzeichnet). Gibt aber bestimmt noch tausend andere :)



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