20 Oct 2010

Revolution by Vivienne Weatwood

Guys don't like to wear their pants high waisted. And don't ask me why they like to wear them low waisted! It's kind of creepy when a guy walks by your side and his jeans is down by the knees. That's the extrem version but why?? They say it's more comfortabel… I say I don't want to see your boxershorts! But with the years the pants have gone from the knees to the I just see half of the boxershorts look which is totally better than the other one but I still like old fashioned, normal waisted pants. I know I sound like my grandma… You can't get that so I had to start living with it. Now I ended up liking outfits like this one:
Yes, you see a boxershorts and she's wearing her pants low waisted but I like it. I normally like what men wear and the biggest fashion revolution was that women started to wear men stuff. Now we already wear pants and Vivienne Westwood thought hey let's make it like the boys. Let's have a new revolution!

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  1. Yes this I like to see. I love the runway shot. I also like that you have food on your blog just like me. Come over and see when you have time.



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