2 Jun 2011

the people who are supposed to save our world


I am new.


 I am different.


am super girl!

Now starts the laughing (ahahahahahhihihihihihhohohhohheheh… to be continued -shit I forgot the not before the to-) How I had this shiny idea? I don't know anymore because I made this pictures a week ago or even two weeks and I was to bored to do anything about them. But I kind of remember thinking about supermen and why they dress the way they dress because let's face it they dress rather ridiculously and stupidly.
Like the probably most known superhero: SUPERMAN
He really looks a bit strange in his blue-red thing, it's such a cliché (what is okay in his case because he was one of the very first)

But he is pretty new and that's why I think they could have done it better thought probably it was the point to make him look a bit ridiculously as he hasn't really got any powers…

I couldn't stop laughing when he first tried on his costume. He looks like a kindergarden kid! But that's just why I love this movie they are all absolutely crazy!!

The incredibles! I am a huge fan! I just love the story, the animation, every single detail! Besides, the costumes are okay but actually -almost- all superman costumes are OKAY. They just aren't  really creative…
I think supermen should have better costumes, some which make them look like I don't different than they already look.


  1. You're great, this is adorable! Love your layering and superheroing! :)

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  2. Anonymous3.6.11


  3. Hahahahaha, love the super girl picture !

  4. love the incredibles too. your photos made me laugh ;)

  5. (I am a nex follower to your blog ) :)

  6. Haha nice super girl costume :)
    but you're right: superheroes do always dress awfully!!

    Love your blog!!!!


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