16 Nov 2010

Eddie Borgo

Hinged Plate Ring
Metal Cone Ring

Eddie Borgo was named runner-up at CFDA/ Vogue Fashion Fund and is the creator of these fantastic rings.
They are part of his spring/ summer collection 2010 and sooo pretty! I love the Hinged Plate Ring it has such a cool design. Like some robot finger or alien finger! Absolutely my favourite of the collection. When you have this finger-long rings mostly you can't move your finger it's like a bandage. I don't feel comfortable with one of them but I think with this ring here I'd feel like a cool space robot!
I got the impression that Eddie Borgo uses a lot of spikes and triangles in his designs. His fall/ winter collection had a lot of glitter so it reminded me a bit too much of Thomas Sabo's stuff. But his spring collection is fantastic!!


  1. wow, the metal cone and the hinged plate ring look amazing. Awesome that they're also available in anthrazit.

  2. Love the hinged plate ring, so cool!



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