14 Feb 2011

red could it be

It's been a while since my last post. I have been busy with doing my shortmovie. It's actually a school project that I'm doing with two girls (one my friend one not so my friend). I've posted this two pictures because I may dye my hair red! Crazy? I know! In the picture above the girl has almost orange hair. I think I'd like it a little bit more like Tavi's wearing it. But I still have no idea if it would suit me. I have really dark hair and really dark eyebrowns. If I'd dye my hair red I wouldn't dye my eyebrowns too, would I? I actually have no idea 'cause I haven't done it before. First of course I should have my hair chutted. A friend told me it starts to look like when I was 13 and belive me that's no compliment! So I'll call my hairdresser today or tomorrow. I still have to do so much but I should call him before next week. That's when my internship at an architecture office starts!

Credits: The Fifth Element
, Tavi Gevinson


  1. Go for it! I think it would look hella cool!



  2. Anonymous24.2.11

    you should dye it! but not your eyebrows! i think the contrast between the red hair and the dark eyebrows will give it some 'grown up' effect! i'm really curious if you did it and so, show the result!

  3. show usss!:)




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