21 Feb 2011

will be again what once was?

I'm watching Sex and the City now and can you believe that series is so old? I mean the quality of the video is definitely not HD!
 Just kidding I know sometimes I come up with my nerdy thechny knowledge. Okay not really knowledge but you know what I am referring to. The stuff nerdy kids like me talk about and bore their friends with. But what is really fascinating is what the girls at SATC are wearing. That 90s stuff?! The man like jackets in beige… Lots of women had big hair with lots of curls. Now no one has such hair because it's out… You can trust me I know what I'm talking/writing about. I have a lot of hair and it took me time to figure out that combing my hair with a hairbrush is no sense. If you have a lot of hair and curls the best way to get your hair looking good is wash it and go to bed when it's still wet/damp.
by the time you wake up in the morning your hair is curly and beautiful. At least that's my hair when I give it that treatment. It's simple and one of my best ideas.
But forget about my hair or don't whatever you like best. 
Let's talk about that episode I just have seen. That SATC episode! Season 1 episode 2 to be exact so you can look it up. It's that episode about man just dating models. They (Carrie, Stanford and Samantha) are at a fashion show and Carrie wears that black dress. It's an ordinary black dress but the jewelry is what has cached my eye. That long necklace? It isn't  really a necklace it's more like a string made out of  metal or silver. Very long (I bet about a meter and something long)… 

The picture doesn't really show how long it is but it gives you an idea how it looks. For seeing the whole outfit watch the episode. I already have looked all over the internet for a better picture. No way to find one. That kind of jewelry I haven't seen on anybody for years. It's like it has disappeared. Being on vacation somewhere but not the planet earth.  Do you think that that stuff will come back? What people wore in the 90s? It didn't always look pretty! The 60s were so much better! In the 90s women didn't always wear a bra… at least that's how it is in the series! Or do you think that someday we will walk around in dresses and skirts like in 1861? Or 1743? With a corset? I don't know but I'm curious what the future will bring for fashion.
 I actually feel a little bit like Carrie right now. Writing on my computer something very similar to a column.  
I am soo pleased that my internship has finally started. I have been looking forward to this day since my application. The internship is at an architecture office. Today has been my first day and I feel so exhausted. The thing I'm most afeard of is to answer the phone. It's terrible! But I'll have to through it I guess. It's only 2 weeks and I won't be having any classes so what do I have to complain about?

Have a good day/night/evening or morning (in that case you have my sorry) wherever in the world you are right now.


  1. Thanks for your comment, i really really appreciate your honesty and didn't actually realise that i was touching my hair all the time! so thankyou!

  2. Danke schön für dein kommentar (? I suck at german haha). I answered your very funny comment at my blog :)


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