2 Dec 2010

Door 2 of my online Adventskalender

Only 22 more days until christmas! Hope the snow we'll last and there be another white christmas. That would be so wonderful. Right now I'm sitting in bed watching The social network and thinking about my blog. Unfortunately I'm sick. So I had to skip school and stay home. Damn I missed history class. The only interesting class today.
But sitting in class sneezing all the time and not being able to follow what the teacher says isn't the best way to spend time sick.
I got a question to all the readers all over the world. In which countries does a Adventskalender exist? I know it doesn't in Spain. But what about France, Italy, GB, US… please leave a comment and tell me!
In my Adventskalender was a chocolate with coffee! Does my Advetskalender wants me to puke?!
God next year I really need one more for kidies. They usually taste better than what I have!!

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