3 Dec 2010

Door 3 of my online Adventskalender

I usually don't really read the newspaper. Sometimes yes but not often. But after reading yesterday's and today's newspaper online I think I missed a lot. I didn't know anything about wikileaks until reading the name and then asking my dad about it. First I couldn't find the website but now I saw it and I'm… shocked. Stupid like I am I had to watch the video with the title "Collateral Murder". It's like being in a american action movie about the army. I heard about the war, the things that happen. But I never saw it. I never saw it like I did now. Go to wikileaks if you think you want to see how men are killed. How the killers laugh while shooting at the people.
I'm sorry about posting this. This blog actually should be about the things that go on in this world but then I changed it into an ordinary fashion blog. Now it'll become both. Probably the next posts won't be about fashion. They'll be about the things that are happening. Good or bad.
This is the address where you can find wikileaks

Only 21 more days until christmas…

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