10 Dec 2010

Door 10 of my online Adventskalender

John Lennon is being a great inspiration right now. Especially his smile and laughting (of course his music too but his music is always inspiraton) I have this movie of the Beatles "Hard Day's Night" which is so great! I absolutelly love it. The Beatles have to get to a filmstudio and you see the over crowded station where they get their car to get to the studio. Those screaming girls are incredible! It's like at the Avril Lavigne concert I went two years ago… the girls who looked like Avril ( exactly like her! If they would have gone backstage the security would have let them pass just like that.)
My first concert…
i wish it would have been a Beatles concert. I think I would have screamed like all the other girls in the film. After seeing it for the very first time I had crush on John Lennon (which I still have a bit. Think about it… on someone dead… someone who'd have had his 70th birthday this year. CRANC! I listened to this songs and of course I couldn't hold the tears back while listening to McCartny's tribute "Here Today".

Also very good George Harrison's tribute

Have a nice day only 14 days more…

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