11 Dec 2010

Door 11 of my online Adventskalender

Good morning! What a wonderful day the saturday is! Listening to classik music like "Oh sole mio" and looking for pictures of Fleur Delacour's wedding dress. Yesterday I watched the movie and I totally loved it, the dress. The movie was good but like always the book is better. But this time the movie was really similar to the book which is good bcause I hate when in the end it's a totally different story. They didn't forget too much and they didn't bring much new stuff in. It's good they are making two parts. But I already want to see the next one!!
Back to the dress:

Isn't it beautiful? It is the fashion high point of the movie I think. The rest of the clothes are more casual (they have to sleep in a tent in winter so it's obviously they won't wear couture). Also the dress Hermione is wearing at the wedding isn't that especial.
It is pretty. It is simple and beautiful. I like it. But it isn't like the wedding dress. With the feathers and everyting. So beautiful that I had to look it up again in the internet. And what do I read? The costume designer Jany Temime has been accused to have stolen Alexander McQueens's dress!
But they really look similiar don't they?
The birds on McQueen's dress are peacocks. The ones on Fleur's dress are Phoenixes. I like that Fleur's dress hasn't that many feathers on the back but it's obviously a copy! The front with the birds is too similar.

But go see the movie the dress is worth a look!

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