7 Dec 2010

Door 7 of my online Adventskalender

When I saw this guy in the subway I had to take a picture of him. Look at these awesome boots! Sure they aren't that special but since when do men wear that kind of stuff? Most men I know wouldn't wear them…
The boots have this horseback riding style I absolutely love! I'd love living in the 17th, 18th or 19th century. But actually as a man, not as a woman. The women had this beautiful dresses but they were so uncomfortable. And women couldn't do or say anything. But men were fighting with swords in battles. Riding their horses and beinh
free to explore the world. And they had cool clothing. BOOTS!! And Jodhpurs and cool hads (like the Mad Hatter's!!).
Down there in the subway are really interesting people with really interesting style. What a pity I'm either half asleep or so hungry I want to get home fast when I'm in the subway…
Got a new style blog idea: the subwaystyle

ONLY 17 days left before christmas!!!
Still guessing what to wish… any ideas?! I always want stuff but there's One exeption at christmas and on my birthday I can't figure out what I want!!

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