8 Dec 2010

Door 8 of my online Adventskalender

While looking for ma mum's car (Yes I am the one who has to search for her car when she forgot where she left it) I loved how the light made that house shine. There's a new store next to my street! But it seems to be quite expensive. The grey coat in the window costs about 300 €.

The next pictures are from last month when I went on a seminar for being this year's Tutor for the little "freshmen" on our school. A really big responsibility!

( laugh, laugh ( they are ten years old and annoying ( but some of them have really talent there's one girl who can danced like Shakira (and she's only ten!) and another who sang Mercy like Duffy!)!! ))

It was fun because we had a four-bed room in another building of the hotel. So the teachers didn't come to see what we were doing. After drinking a little bit of alc in the shadows of the little chapel on the mountain some friends came to our room and we hang out in one of the beds. It was freezing up there and we totally forgot to heat. Berni definitely drank too much… he smelled like a dosser and slept the whole evening through.

16 days… today's one of my best friends birthday! I'll write tomorrow about what my present is. And I have to finally write my wish list for christmas!! And I still hava no idea!!! What am I going to do????

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