6 Dec 2010

Door 6 of my online Adventskalender

In Regensburg I saw a shop called "The milliner" I had to get closer to. And see what I found in the shop window… another picture of my favourite movie character! And more!

His beautiful and crazy had!! I had to take a picture but I didn't want to go into the shop and ask whether you could buy it (there were a lot of old grandmas with their husbands looking for hads). What a pity… Now I'd really like to know whether I could have put this had on my wish list for christmas! That had's so beautiful…

But I also saw other shops (nothing compering to "The Milliner")

Like this shop where I thought it'd have just toys but which turned out to have this wonderful bracelets! I've seen this before in Spain last summer. My cousin and her friends had tehm all. They were totally in. I just hadn't enough time to go to that shop and buy some and in Munich they didn't have the shop which sold them. But I found them in the most boring town of Germany ( almost the most I saw worse in Hessen)!

It looks a little bit childish I know. You can choose whether you wand animals cars, music, dinos, water animals. I bought the music and the water animals. You wear them just like me in the picture and it gives your outfit a funkie touch…

I also bought a yellow lightstick and two green lightbracelets. (I can't find these things in Munich, too!)

Ahh and there are only 18 more days left until the big day!! Already listening to christmas carols? I am…

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