4 Dec 2010

Door 5 of my online Adventskalender

Yesterday spending the beautiful( hahaha yes very beautiful, I almost got frozen to death) day in Regensburg.

First: I hate Regensburg.

Second: While freezing in Regensburg in Munich the sun was shining!

The shops were filled with people buying christmas presents. Especially the big stores were crowded. So I spend most of the time walking thought the little, old streets with the small stores. I barely bought something. Regensburg has a lot of art galleries. And some nice stores but nothing more so after 3 hours I got bored and went back home to my grandma's place. Regensburg really get's bored after a while, especially when you already know half the town since you're a little kid!

So in fact the day wasn't that good but I hope today get's better. I'm gonna meet up with a friend and go ice skating… One little problem… I don't know how to skate! And I have to mention that Welts Art is on twitter now so don't forget to follow!

Only 19 more days and it's… CHRISTMAS!!

If you forgot just go outside and watch the kids and parents who gone crazy because they still don't know what they wish for christmas or they still haven't bought what their kids wish… the world's a funny and ironic place.

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