14 Dec 2010

Door 14 of my online Adventskalender

I'm sick again. Yesterday I couldn't stop stop sneezing while I was writing yesterday's post. So today I'm staying home thought tomorrow's a test I have to write and my stuff is at school so I can't learn. Drinking tea and eating sweets in bed… I said I wish teh olympus camera. now I'm goung o tell you why. I was reading fashiontoast (I love the jewelry she always wears so take a look if you never have) this weeekend and I thought the camera she was holding in her hands was some old vintage thing. WWWRRROOONNNNGGG! It's an Olympus with this cute vintage looking, brown case.
Till I had found out that, it took me a little while. I already had thought of buying a new camera before because mine is so stupidly old. I got it for my first communion. The first 5 pictures I made with it still are on the camera. Now I want a SLR camera actually but I didn't know which to take so my dad told me (cause I wanted a camera that could also film in HD and make really good photos) about the Lumix GH-2. It's a wonderful camera with one little problem. It costs 1,500€!! Yeah I know other cameras are much more expensive then that but I can't afford a camera like that and I wouldn't get that camera for christmas.
So now I'm going to tell my father (there's a difference between dad and father. Father is my actual father and dad is my stepfather.) what I wish for christmas. MY OLYMPUS!

What a shame this brown leather case costs 80 € and the shoulder strap is 70 €!
With brown leather a silver camera would look so genius. I'm definitely taking it in silver cause it doesn't get so hot like black when the sun is shining. And believe it or not there've been days the sun was shining here in London the second also called Munich. But I definitely need something that doesn't get too hot. Most of the holidays I spend in warm locations with a lot of sun (like visiting every year my family in Spain or going scuba diving somewhere else). Only when I go skiing it's cold, logic isn't it?

*drinking tea*drinking tea*drinking tea*

Only ten days left. Sh*t I still have no presents! And I still haven't told my father what I want! Oh god I'm late with that again. It has to change next year! I think I'm having a deja-vu right now. I think have already said that once before. Like a year ago or something.

Haha *drinking tea* ha *drinking again* hahahahaha


  1. great post. i love this camera but the price wow!!!!!! thanx for your sweet comment


  2. I love the case! I thought it was a vintage camera too. Guess we were both wrong.

    Check out Runway Rundown!!

  3. Interesting blog! Like the pictures lotsss x

  4. that is a cute camera! thanks for your comment!

    I hope you feel better, being sick is no fun!


  5. really like your blog, following you:) hope you'll stop by my blog again Xx


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