15 Dec 2010

Door 15 of my online Adventskalender

What a day… I pissed off (question: Do you say it like that I just thought it sounds good but I have no idea if you can say that) my test and I don't want to go to that fashion drawing lesson I have today. Last time we had to use this copic markers and it looked terrible! Like some 3 years old kid's picture! I'm love just using a simple pencil. So what am I going to do now?! I feel better than yesterday but I'm still sick (especially sick of school and my life!)
But there are also good news like I have 3 more followers! That's great! Oh and something more's great! I see my Teen Vogue has arrived!!! And the first question comes up… Why the hell does Louis Vuitton advertise with a beach look?!

Almost everywhere, where fashion's important, is winter! I never understood why everyone just loves their classic Louis Vuitton printed bags… turns out I don't get the label at all! Althought Marc Jacobs is the chief designer… I think I'm just going to read the Magazine and relax… or no I forgot I'll have to clean up my room!
Okay so first I'm going to clean up my room (listen to some music while doing freaky dancing) then read Teen Vogue and then write an article for our school magazine and then work on my new film project I can't publish because it's all about our school (not exactly but anyway…) and my school mates are everywhere on the screen so I'd first have to ask them and that's the last thing I wanna do…
So the list with the things I'll do now:
1. Clean up my room (didn't do it in weeks so the time has come!)
2. Read Teen Vogue
3. Write the article for school magazine
4. Work on that cool project I'll never be able to publish

I still have no idea what to give to my family on christmas! And only 9 more days!! OMG


  1. At least the beach look is gorgeous, right?
    Maybe they knew the beach would look relazing and wonderful in the middle of such chilly busyness?

  2. Thanks for your comment :)
    I think you need to get crackin' on your christmas shopping! Haha,

    Rosie x

  3. Amazing! specially i like swimsuit! and I like your blog, if you want, we can follow eachother, if you want, write on my blog ;)


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