21 Dec 2010

Door 21 of my online Adventskalender

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Yes I know I forgot to write some of the last posts! But now I'll report again about those new cool things that happen in fashion. (new and cool, hahahaha) Well I was just reading an interview of Karl Lagerfeld by some magazine (called welt online so for the people who can read german and understand it they will find the original interview here) and I still think he is very strange. Though being strange is good in my opinion!
He says he isn't able to do anything. He doesn't even have his own house keys!
Once my dad also told me that Lagerfeld sold a house and then after moving into the house the buyer noticed the house had no kitchen! (Who doesn't notice a house has no kitchen when he buys it?!)
The fact was Lagerfeld didn't need a kitchen because he doesn't cook (probably he just goes out to eat in a restaurant everyday and night. At least I don't think he orders chinese…).
That's what my dad told me once so I don't know for sure if it's true but I really imagine Lagerfeld doesn't need a kitchen. A man who doesn't keep his own keys…
Anyway I think he's a real strange person for being 70 years old! I mean look at your grandma or your grandpa. Are they still working? Are they wearing suits by Dior in size 48/46? Maybe it's that his job is to do something creative. Not working as a teacher or a lawyer or a doctor or a mechanic or something else boring.
I hope I'm not insulting any people but I don't think this as interesting as being an artist. A Designer. A photographer. A musician. A writer. A Journalist.
Karl Lagerfeld seems interesting to me and I 'm sure when I got more time like in the holidays which start practically tomorrow because tomorrow's last day of fucking school (Don't get me wrong but you know what I mean…) I'll write more about him. But now I'm really tired and I have to get up early tomorrow thanks to fucking school.

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  1. Anonymous22.12.10

    thats so strange about the kitchen story! he seems a little strange but he is so talented!



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