22 Dec 2010

Door 22 of my online Adventskalender

How does it come swedish people have the best style? When you go to a worldwide streetstyle blog the best dressed are always the swedish I think.
Cool blog which shows a lot of swedish street style is styleclicker.
Visit and you'll find some awesome styles!
The little man on the picture is a tomte by the way! It's some kind of goblin that lives in the swedish woods and helps the people. It looks cute…


  1. I loooove swedish street style. such perfection! definitely going to go check out styleclicker :)


  2. Thanks for sharing that site. There are tons of great looks.

  3. Yes....Swedish people (honestly, I think anyone from Europe) has amazing style. It all seems so effortless!

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. thank you for the comment dear!! and i agree with you the looks behind that link are awesome!!

  5. I actually think British people have great taste! ^^

  6. You really think so? That's just too adorable.
    xoxo from Sweden ;)
    /Sara and Emma


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