11 Mar 2011


Ahhh bonjour mes amis!

Paris fashion week is over (not that I have give it a lot of attention) and so is my holiday. 



Only the end of four beautiful days i have spent skiing, eating, watching TV and not being in the internet. It's incredible I have survived! The snow was great and the weather was even more great. But the best was doing all this with a friend. We had so much fun! But now I'm back (missing Suisse (I always get sad when I have to leave Suisse)) and I can do blogging again. Thought I really should be concentrating more on school which starts next week on monday!! Even worse is I'll have to go already on sunday so I can help at the dress rehearsal for our school play (I don't act thought I'd really love to but I'm doing makeup and most important the costumes). We've done such a cute princess dress for guess what a princess
Anyways I'll better get started and read all those post and comments I have missed while I was gone!

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