6 Mar 2011

bye bye hi hi

Good Morning my dear readers!
I didn't want to leave for the holidays without saying Good bye. I'm leaving for Klosters today. Tomorrow I already will be skiing with my friend and we're gonna have the best time ever!
Now to the important part I don't know if the hotel has wifi I won't be checking my mails or comments so often. I'll try to see who's left a comment but don't be disappointed if you hear from me in one week.
Maybe you know that arte (french-german channel) has shown this documentary about designers before the shows and their lives… I read in Vogue that it was shown this past week but I didn't got to see it because I totally forgot and I didn't had so much time.
I wanted to ask if anyone knows  a site were you could watch this documentary?!?
Until in one week guys!
(or if the hotel has wifi I'll try to post ;)


  1. haha, well, everyone has their things they're good at!
    oeh, i'm so jealous! i wish i could go skiing too! have a good time there! (:

  2. Have fun! And I'm soon gonna do a Galaxy Tee DIY, yeah. I did it very simply with transferpaper (you can get that stuff in every craftshop, I think, it's awesome) - but stay tuned if you wanna know more ;)/ Thanks alot anyway for your comment & interest, you guys really make my day.

  3. have fun :)
    nice blog :)

    come and check ut my blog:

  4. ohhh! I love skiing! Have fun in the mountains! Hugs!

  5. Have a great holiday!!!


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