13 Mar 2011

having no brain/a brain

Remember the times when people used to ask every single student in class "What are your hobbies?" and you were all sitting in a circle because there was a new teacher, class mate or whatever? Remember also those girls wearing everything in pink and with glitter who used to answer "My hobbies…? Mmhh, ehhh… Shopping!"? If you don't remember because this never happened to you or you simply have a memory like a sieve then you probably know one-thousends girls who actually love to shop and when they would be asked what's your hobby they would answer "Does facebook count…? No…? Okay… ehh shopping…? "
My drear readers may I present the stylish girl who's interested in fashion:

Or better known as:

Yes, if you take a closer look ignoring the jewelry and the hairstyle you'll see it actually is the same person. 
Some people think when you are interested in fashion you look like that. Blond, not having brain, wearing pink and glitter or let's call it the new way Juicy Couture. They think fashion is about that's what's in Glamour, Elle and Vogue, that fashion is shopping and when you love to shop you are the fashionista. 
My hair is brown. I hated to shop when I was little and I hated pink and glitter. I still do. I don't wear Juicy Couture. I have a brain. 
Does this all make me to someone who can't be interested in fashion? 
Plus come one, me? The freaking girl who knows how to pick a lock, who's interested in computers, who's teaching herself to develop applications so she can code her own robot. Hey guys that girl likes physics! She's a total freak.
And she writes a blog about fashion. 
That's one part f me tehsience part. But there's another part living in teh same body sharing the same brain. That part loves photographie, music and acting. 
The freaking thing is just there is no part that is interest in fashion. there are only two parts of teh brain right part and left part. 
The problem is both of my hemispheres are really trained. Means I can't just live with on epart of my brain. i need both. They both make me to what I am and that is why they need a project they can do together. Fashion. 
That doesn't mean fashion is everything to me. To me everything matters. Almost everything… not that I'm a big fan of accounting… that's just not my thing.
fashion is an expression of myself. It includes both of my brain hemispheres. 
That's why I think jane is much more a fahionista than Brittany or Quinn ( for those who don't know what I'm talking about it's Daria the TV series ). She just has something you can call style. She doesn't wear something because it's trendy. She wears it because she likes it. 
But let's face it without blond, not having a brain, Juicy Couture wearing girls we would laugh less. r 
At least I got a really interesting idea what would the world be like without those girls?
Some girls wouldn't exist and the  they couldn't laugh at me anymore… What would the boys do (the not brain having ones)???  Probably continue to laugh at me cause of my hair or my clothes…
For some there would change a lot like for the owners of Juicy Couture and their employees. They would get poor and just wear Juicy Couture clothes no one wanted to buy anymore and the employes would all get fired. Sad, very sad.

Credits: Brittany; Paris; brain; Jane


  1. omg, i think thats so true.

  2. I like your blog :) Thanks for your comment!


  3. I really enjoyed reading this. I completely agree. Thanks for stopping by my blog too :)

    x K
    -An Aussie girl's fashion musings.

  4. I absolutely agree!
    But I don't think any silly boy or girl would laugh at you! your style is awesome!

    love your blog


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