2 Sep 2010

Apple's got new iPod designs!

Remember when I said I was going to leave for two weeks and not write any posts? And remember when I said right now I'm not really into fashion? Yeah well my flight is leaving in the afternoon and I really have to tell you something.
Yesterday I watched like every other big apple fan the apple event! And guess what they made new designs for every iPod type!!
The iPod nano has now a complete new design that I love.
I think now it's official that my iPod nano is part of a history book.
Well the thing about this new iPod is that it's kind of a mini iPod touch wich has also a new design now!
Now the iPod touch has a Camera on the front side and on the back,the same screen the iPohne has, Face Time and iOS! I've been waiting for this iPod touch to come out for years.
Of course the iPod shuffle also has a new design, I have to admit I never've been a real fan of the iPod shuffle because I like to see what I 'm hearing on a screen. But now I think I'm starting to like that thing.
I still like more the iPod nano but like I said the screen is an important key for me.
After the show which everyone could watch live online, my brother had the idea that an iPod nano or an iPod shuffle would look great with a ribbon on your wrist. And then I had the idea that one day when I'll be a designer I'll make a collection in collaboration with apple! Yeah I know I'm still sleeping and dreaming but hey I just got up so early to write this post and to start packing!
Now apple also introduced a new apple TV and iOS 4 but the thing I'm so fascinated about is that all iPods have a new design now! So I think I'll have to start packing now and I still haven't unpacked all of the Crotia stuff. When I was in Croatia I didn't had much time to take pictures I lied all the day on the beach or went scuba diving so I haven't a lot of pictures but I'll try to take more when I'm in Madrid!


  1. i would love to upgrade my cell to an iphone and downgrade my ipod touch for a nano!

  2. OHH MY GOD! I can't believe the new ipod touch has a camera! Ah!


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