13 Aug 2010

Gareth Pugh, the Matrix and Bat(wo)man

Because I have nothing to do I spend like half of the day in the internet and guess what I know it's not healthy but anyway! I also spend a quarter of the day on style.com (what means half of the time I spend surfing in the internet!) looking for cool winter collections. So now you know why my latest post were just about the collections of this season: I'm too lazy to get dressed and make some nice pictures of cool outfits! Now M which is a pretty cool guy with a pretty cool blog called You Are So Honest posted a comment on one of my last posts (the one about the recycling of fashionindustrie) and mentioned a designer I actually didn't know (what is no surprise because I don't know a lot). It's Gareth Pugh. He made some really awesome stuff which I actually wouldn't wear on the streets but in my dreams where I also save the world I always where such things!! Now his this year's fall collection reminds me totally of The Matrix and a bit of Batman.
On the first picture you see Batwoman ( such a shame I loved Batman he's so good looking!) The rest of the pictures exept the last one show models with (until now) unknown costumes for part 4 of The Matrix! On the last you see my favourite look of the collection. It's a bit Matrix because of the lggings and shoes and it reminds me also of these japanise women because of the jacket which is… wow.


  1. good comparison!
    and I had to read it twice until I realized that I'm mentioned! thank you :)
    I would wear Gareth Pugh just at parties (or alone at home and feel and act like Batman).

    Wusste gar nicht, dass du aus Deutschland bist,
    Grüsse aus Zürich!

  2. pekná kolekcia ale určite by som takto nevyšla na ulicu =)



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