12 Aug 2010

miu miu fall/winter

Of course no collection is perfect but this!? First of all I know it's a fall/winter collection but why are there so strange colors?
-I don't like the colors, orange and purple are the colors of a spring collection.
-Half of the collection is just black and black and black again. Probably miu miu is the producer of the outcoming film Women In Black!
-I totally don't know why someone would wear something like the dark purple skirt or the dark purple coat without getting paid for it (of course the models get paid so someone wears them). The Material is really uncomfortable and it looks stupid. (Years ago there was a girl in my class who did wear stuff like that, I hated her)

If the collection would have been totally messed up I would have just written: This winter miu miu collection= BAD But I did not write it so there's also a tiny part which is good.
-The shoes are really great: nice heels and nice flats.
-The cuts of the dresses are beautiful but they would have been better in another color than just black!
-Love at the first sight: the big pockets!

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  1. i LOVE the all-black collection, beautiful shapes!

    come by soon,
    The Ballon Rouge


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