2 Aug 2010

look green peace fashion industry is recycling

Yesterday I watched The devil wears Prada and I realised that all the really important designers who have changed things in this world of a modern human are going to be death until I'm I don't know 25, 30! Or they have already died. I know it sounds strange to say this and I don't want to insult any designer but think of it. Pierre Bergé said ,,Coco Chanel gave the women freedom, Ives Saint Laurent power." And yes it's true I'm a fan of Marc Jakobs and other great designers I love what they design. But those who really changed the world are already death. Karl Lagerfeld and Valentino won't live forever they're old! And Valentino doesn't even design anymore for Valentino! I mean it sounds strange don't you think? If I'd ever had the money to buy myself a Valentino gown Valentino wouldn't have designed it! Why is it than a Valentino, why do we call it Valentino? It's the same with Chanel has Coco Chanel designed the things you see in a Chanel boutique? No! Karl Lagerfeld has! He's good but not Coco! And now we're having comebacks. Lots of comebacks! The 80's, 70's, 90's, 60's… everything comes back we don't have something new we just recycle everything. At least I don't understand Green Peace. The fashion industrie has been recycling everything for years!


  1. Hallo, toller Blog, gefällt mir. Ich folg Dir dann mal. Vielleicht hast Du ja Lust auch mal bei mir vorbeizuschauen...Liebe grüße von www.baninas.blogspot.com

  2. Danke bin schon am lesen!

  3. Wirklich sehr interessanter Post.
    Bis dann werden vlt schon wieder neue Mode-Legenden da sein? Oder heutige Jungdesigner spielen dann (wenn nicht schon jetzt) in der oberen Liga mit? (Zum Beispiel Gareth Pugh oder das auch nicht mehr ganz so junge Maison Martin Margiela)

    nur, dass ichs nochmals gesagt habe: toller Post!


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