3 Apr 2011


Kids all over the world are influenced by the american live style (junk food, t-shirts with the american flag on it) that whole thing's called globalization! We did that topic in english class (you know how boring it is to write about why you can buy stuff from china???)
Anyway since the princess diaries and Gossip Girl I have a really specific view on prom. They all describe it as a very long night with awful tasting food, boring music, idiotic company and expensive hotel rooms/suits. I don't really know what sounds worse… 
I also saw on the internet all those beautiful prom dresses. If I could choose between my grandma's closet and those dresses on the internet I would take my grandma's stuff (she actually is quite stylish). 
Last year I got the teen vogue regularly and in the april issue there were some really good pictures of prom dresses. I actually didn't think they were prom dresses. I always characterize  prom dresses as long, ugly and uglier. But those were really good. A little bit in the beach, beige and old vintage style. I would were on of those immediately. 

Credits: teen vogue, lilycui, What Makes The Pie Shop Tick?

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