30 Mar 2011

smile don't be aggressive! -minute later- how was I? you scared the front row!!!!

I was just about to twitter that there's no way I could make a new post today but it turns out I'm much more calm than I should be! I've been doing so much lately I just haven't been blogging and I kind of missed it so I left my books (only two, one latin grammar and the book with the texts we got to translate) for my computer and now I'm here sitting on my bed in my messy room (everything's lying on the floor… as usual) and blogging. I am happy!
 Still a little part of my brain is whispering in my ear tomorrow's the test, tomorrow's the test, tomorrow's the test…

I've been wondering what people wore in the 90s around the time I was born and I remembered  this video I saw a year ago because I wanted to see what Claudia Fischer looked like on the runway. It's a total different era! And how the models walked down the runway! It was way better then, than how it's today I think. Now they just walk down the runway like some aggressive doll with their tiny body. Not really tiny but I mean they are so thin! They're tall but still tiny!
In the 90s they were allowed to laugh… 


  1. Amazing post!
    I really like your blog, sooooo inspiring! Following! Follow back? <3

  2. superb video :) Hope your test went well!


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