5 Aug 2010

purple-red freak

When I wake up today (at 2 p.m.; couldn't sleep last night had to chat with V who has problems with her boyfriend!) I decided to start the day cleaning up my room. First thing you have to know my room looked (know it's getting better) like a real mess! So it took me a couple of hours to get ready with my closet and then I picked out this dress I'm wearing which I didn't want to wear till winter but it has been reaning the WHOLE DAY so I thought it would be apropiated. Now what I actually want to say is that I loved the combination of the color purple (the t-shirt not the dress) and red (the hat)!! Sounds a bit strange ok she likes red and purple so what?! But I've been thinking about this combination the whole day! I don't get it out of my mind! And then I decided that if I'd ever become a designer I will use this colors for one of my collections. I would also like to put some red band on the dress but i didn't find one just a white one and that looks stupid with the red hat!
At least about the shoes I would wear with that outfit and the unvisible red band: I like green ones so I'd take both. The problem is that one of them is a high heel so I can't wear them together :(. Which do you like more?

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  1. i love the black heels!




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